Friday, October 24, 2008

CFB Midterm

Everything is bigger in Texas, even blog pictures.

I have No idea whatsoever if this week is the "middle" of the CFB season, but I had two midterms this week, so I was like "what the hell lets have a CFB midterm."

Your BCS Standings.
2. Alabama
3. PSU
4. OU
5. USC
6. T. Boone Pickens
7. UGA
8. TT
9. Tosu
10. Tim Tebow

Let's just break this down by conference:
BIG XII Let me get this straight, three undefeated teams, all in the south, and they are UT, TT, and TBP. Well I somewhat hinted at two of these teams. All self promotion aside this is great for anyone who is not a fan of one of these teams, because it sets up a Big XII south gauntlet for the next couple weeks. Texas plays TBP this weekend and then must travel to Lubbock a week later to take on the Red Raiders. TBP simply does not impress me that much, however they are still a solid team and Robinson is throwing darts. TT I want to believe, I really do, but then I look at your schedule and there is no way you make it out without a loss. Oh and there is also this team called OU who could piss everyone off, if Texas has some type of collapse, but that won't happen. There is also a Northern division. KU vs. MU. That's really all you need to know.

SEC SEC SEC SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shut up. Just shut up. I hate that stupid chant. Way to beat Miami Tim Tebow, that, without a doubt, is surely the exemplar of games to show your dominance over the country.
Dear Auburn, not only did I tell you this would happen, but you are also on temporary Arkansas status, meaning that you are forbidden from cheering for the "SEC." Why? Well if you lose to a bunch of low life cousin lovers who won't win the Big East then you're SEC elitism status is removed.
So the SEC is back to it's old tricks. Undefeated leader. Several solid one loss teams. Alcohol. Corn Dogs. Seriously though, Bama looks solid and a half. Saban has constructed a team reminiscent of his LSU championship team. They can run the rock, and they can stuff the rock. You also have UGA, Tim Tebow, and LSU in the mix. How will it shake out? I have no clue, it's the SEC they do shit differently down there. Probably Bama and Tim Tebow in the final.

Big Ten (11)
Hey PSU is back!! Unfortunately, Tosu is also in the top ten. They play this weekend for an outright cross face crippler on the rest of the conference. PSU hasn't won in the Horseshoe since 1978. A Tosu team who's only loss is to another top ten team. Scary as shit.

Sucks. USC.
Big East

The ACC is crazy like the SEC, but for different reasons. ACC teams suck so bad that their shittiness has a created a complete cluster F at the top of both divisions. VT was the most consistent until last week, after throwing a brick at some UVA kid I thought about the conference championship and ... Why am I talking about the ACC? Prediction?
(No I didn't throw a brick at some UVA kid, but it would have been a lot cooler if I did)

Other conferences who play football
I've been on the Boise bandwagon since Zabransky's freshman year, and I can't imagine a team called the "Utes" being in a significant college football game.

The best thing about this year is all the doomsday scenarios that come up. There are so many that completely throw a wrench into the whole BCS system. Think about Alabama or Texas losing late? An undefeated big ten team getting in over a one loss SEC team. The ultimate is USC vs. Tosu, but that wont happen, it's just scary to think about.


  1. Texas is going to wreck on TBP tomorrow. Also, the Icehouse will be in the house.

  2. Ole Miss/ Arkansas should be interesting, but in a "Hey! Are those two fat sisters fighting?" kind of way.