Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Morning Shit Storm.

God I hate Mondays. I also hate tourists. Hawaii, I can finally understand where you're coming from.

But, since Monday blows so bad I always make it fun by listening to motivational music so I can feel great about life, people, the animals, and my class tonight.....FUCK. Monday go gent bent.

(Although I would argue Sunday night is actually worse than Monday, because during the second half of the game all I can think about is all the shit I have to do this week.)

Ok for the shit storm: Post you best motivational Monday music. You can go about it anyway you want. You feel like attacking Monday with rage and hatred? Metallica may be your answer. You want to waltz through, get in touch with your feminine side? Go ahead and let the river run with a little Carly Simon.

And please, please post the youtube link so we can all listen to them.

My Choice: Actually I have two, but keep with me.

When I start up the truck...

Thats right just like Phil was all pissed about that girl who dumped him, I'm all pissed off about the fact I'm up so early. But as you know, he eventually he gets all jacked and says screw screw off Monday.

Ok number two (this needs to be played when you are walking into your workplace)

A 5'10'' site manager, From Rhodes College, Steeeeeeeve LAAAAATTTIMEEEERRRRR!!!!!

Hell yeah lets go out and win this shit.


  1. For those of you who work for the government. America Fuck yeah

  2. Shakira: Whenever Wherever

  3. "Guerilla Radio" by Rage Against the Machine.

  4. "Good Morning (Intro)" by Kanye West

  5. Whatever the music is that Jon Cena walks out to. That shit gets me jacked.

  6. "La Tortua" by Shakira.

    Look it up on youtube, it's hott.

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  8. "That Thing You Do!" by the One-ders.

  9. We had a girl on this post thread, but she deleted her comment. Too bad.

    "Degenerated" by The Lone Rangers

  10. "5-3-10-4" by The Alkaline Trio.

    "It's the same routine again, scrape open your eyes, rise and fucking shine 7 am!"

    Always gets me going.