Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

You can only tell Eli's drunk because he's holding a beer. He normally looks that retarded.

Is it Friday yet? Hell yes it is! This week took way to long to get over with. Some of that bullshit.

Ok. So we all know plenty about Shaq. The once-unstoppable force has pretty much been relegated to the role of a borderline back-up on the Suns. But Shaq's always been known for off-court fun as well. From getting a custom bike made for him on American Chopper, to fighting crime, to "Tell me how my ass tastes." Now, we get a great video of Shaq at home, dancing with his kids. Fantastic.

When Michael "Ookie" Vick went to jail, we prognosticated that Vick would spend his hard time beasting in the yard. As it turns out, we were correct. Vick: "Nah muhfucka, I play linebacker now."

Stephon Marbury has released a workout video. Generally, everything that Stephon Marbury does is funny, and this one seems no different. Not sure what kind of gyms allow sledgehammers.

American sports try to not show streakers as much as possible, thinking it will deter people from actually doing it. I find this pretty dumb. Anyways, soccer streakers are pretty well known, and this one is probably the best. WARNING! NSFW!

Finally, Kobe Bryant has been described as "the best player in the world," and is usually regarded as a defensive stopper. That said, Kobe, tell me how Beno Udrih's ass tastes.

Ok. Let's go. Let's get it. Let's blow this joint.


  1. I bet Shaq used a shit load of Icy Hot before busting out those moves.