Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

I wanna be like Mike! I AM going to be like Michael Jordan as soon as I can get the hell up out of here. Booty grindin with two hos.

Everybody high-five the air, we made it through another week!

The Rockets had a dance-off the other day. Seriously. Unfortunately, there's no Ron Artest sighting, but this video features all of our favorites, with the sexiest Luis Scola moves ever. Brent "Bones" Barry had to get in on the act.

On the flip side of things, there is some stuff that's just sad. Ignorance and hate plague our world as a whole, but they seem to define conservative talk radio. Magic Johnson rules, you stupid, ugly fucks.

Ok, so the NFL (No Fun League) has a shitload of rules. This we know. They also have a rule against rehearsed, or group celebrations. This is the stupidest shit in the world. I want to see these. I LOVE to see these. The redskins receivers jumping up to give a group high-five? Illegal. The St. Louis Rams dice game? Illegal. Shit, even the Mile-High Salute gets you a fine, and that celebration was fucking awesome. Anyways, there's other rules about not replaying the fined celebration, either. Try to youtube T.O.'s homage to the Olympics, you can't! So, you get to read about the latest, greatest celebration.

Oh, those Japanese
. Always with the tricks.

Not sure why, but I had this song stuck in my head, and remembered I used to have a huge crush on Alicia Silverstone. So here is the sweet ass video.

Ok, that's enough for now. I've just been here too damn long. I gots to get out of here. One love.


  1. The Rams performed the "bob n weave" and Dennis Greene got it banned.Your right, there is no video evidence that the celebration even existed.

  2. The fact that Michael Jordan gets out and nabs random hoes is awesome. The man could have nearly any one classy broad on the planet, but even he can't deny the irresistible wiles of the Freak-a-leak.


  3. michael needs to stop it with getting caught with skanky white hos :|...hes got oak to cover for him, that man is not earning his money.