Monday, October 13, 2008

Don Delaware takes a road trip to Sunday Night Football

With my gambling earnings from the first 6 weeks of the football season, I decided to book a flight and catch last night's Patriots vs Chargers game in San Diego. While the game was a blow-out, the experience was incredible. Pictured above is a bootleg tee I bought outside the stadium for $7. He was selling for $10 but flash some cash in front of a counterfitter and he'll buy everytime.

The video above was taken from my camera during a controversial 2nd Half call. Charger defensive back Quentin Jammer clearly intercepted a Matt Cassel throw to the underneath route, but the referee's ruled the play an incomplete pass. Jammer had possession of the ball, took two steps forward, and then fell to the ground. By this point in the game, most of you probably changed the channel as the score was 27-3. Why this video is awesome is because the fans booed the shit out of the officials for 15 minutes over a play that had ZERO impact on the game. Charger fans loathe Bill Belichick and hate the Patriots even more (probably because New England has eliminated SD from the playoffs three years in a row, but that's just my guess). Pats' fans even got heckled. Chants of scoreboard, Brady is a Bitch, and no one likes clam chowder could be heard during the enitre game.

The Chargers looked solid on defense and flowed on offense. I don't think anyone could
have beaten San Diego last night as fans were on their feet the entire game begging for Coach Norv Turner to continue to call pass plays to bury and humilate the Patriots.
Qualcomm Stadium has to be one of the best stadiums in football. But it depends on your definition of "best". Qualcomm was built in '69 so its bathrooms, concessions, and conveince to anything sucks. BUT, because of its age the stadium is not full of corporate suites or press boxes. Qualcomm is for the die-hard fans, not the white collar asshole who can actually afford the $98 tickets and the $8.50 beers.

As mentioned earlier, Chargers fans love their team. Even hours after the game (around 11:30 Pacific time) fans continue to party and tailgate in the parking lot celebrating a big home win. Not only that, but these fans were cool with an outsider like myself joinning in on the celebration with a cold beer and a bratwurst.

Fans stood outside the Outback Madden cruiser for an hour and fifteen minutes after the game to say hello to Super Bowl Coach John Madden. Although Madden coached the Raiders, Chargers fans were extremely excited to catch a glipse of the great coach and had nothing but love for him. So how would Madden respond to a crowd who is chanting "We Love Madden!!"? WITH NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! His security opens the bus door and away he goes without even the slightest acknowledgement of the crowd who had waited after the game for over an hour to see him. I used to be a Madden fan, especially during his partnership with Pat Summerall. But now all I got is a big FUCK YOU for John Madden.


  1. This is one of the more legit things I've ever seen. And I'm so happy to find that it's on our website, and no one else's.

  2. This is totally going to blow "Icehouse's journey to Memphis to see Rhodes College take on Colorado College" out of the water.

  3. Also, Quentin Jammer is awesome.