Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NFL Midterm

First things first.

I know these have been going around the internet lately, but I feel like It's important to mock other individual's mistakes.

Danyelle Sargent
. And don't miss this gem from 2005. (Second Link NSFW language)

Let's look at the state of the NFL at the midway point.

Teams heading for relegation.

Lions (0-7)
No surprise here.

Bengals (0-8)
Looks like the name change for Chad Ocho Cinco worked out well. Oh, Carson Palmer is hurt, and may be out for the season.

Chiefs (1-6)
Take one part Alabama "gun-slinger," one part Pennsylvania woman beater, and one part pissed off tight end. What do you get? A KC shit sandwich.
(In Brodie's defense, he does have a trophy wife)

*Note I would include the Niners at 2-6, but Singletary is my hero.

Meh Teams.

Patriots (5-2)
We all thought Brady's knee was the beginning of the end, but now it looks like they'll win the division. Crap.

Cowboys (5-3)
Say it with me. Collapse, Collapse, Collapse!!!

Bills (5-2)
Marshawn Lynch is the funniest person alive. He can also run the rock.

Saints (4-3)
Nice win over the Chargers. However, it seems that the Duece is not only loose, but also juiced.

Ravens (4-3)
"The game done changed..."
"Game's the same, just got more fierce."

Teams who pique our interest.

Titans (7-0)
Well they don't win pretty, but even without VY they can pound the rock, and stop other teams from doing the same.

Giants (6-1)
Look at little Eli all grown up now. Also this just in, Brandon Jacobs will destroy you.

Steelers (5-2)
Western PA is a battleground area in the upcoming election, I heard Chuck Todd say that...
Oh, the Steelers play in a weak division. Troy Polamalu thinks you are a pansy.

Redskins (6-2)
Chris Cooley has a blog, and Jason Campbell has yet to throw a pick this year.


  1. Any Slim Charles reference is ok by me. Also, we already had the Marshawn vid, but I like it here, to reemphasize his funniness.

  2. Yeah I knew about the video, but personally I think it's genius.

  3. Oh by the way can you do a draft on sunday?