Monday, October 13, 2008

MNF Live Chat

Fall Break is the shit. I have no idea why we didn't have this in hight scthool, whatever I'm over it.

So.........since I don't have class tonight lets live blog the shit out of MNF.

Lots of people make fun of MNF, and rightfully so, but I always loved it. When I was a kid I'd try to stay up to watch the whole game, but my dad always made me a deal. He'd say "ok next time someone kicks you have to go to sleep." Naturally, he'd make this deal when one team was 3rd and 27. Real funny dad.

Fast forward a couple years. back in college for MNF I would go to Icehouse's...well house. sit with other faithful TGORH readers and make fun of people. In fact I'm pretty sure that's all we did in college. We also drank alot.

So let's live blog, make fun of people, and drink bourbon that could be used for paint thinner!!!!