Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BoSox Fans Show Their True Colors

Imagine this scenario, if you will, and maybe this expression will begin to reflect your own. I know I'd be slightly more than irate.

You're riding a bus to your home stadium, back from a harrowing trip to south Florida, in which you, the defending World Series Champion, were narrowly defeated in an almost-miraculous ALCS comeback game. You're worn out because you gave it your all to stay alive in Game Five, so you've been running on nothing but fumes and Schwartz ever since. You've actually been worn out for longer than that; you've been to four ALCS's since 2003, twice winning it all. Finally you arrive at the point of refuge, Fenway Park, the one place where you can go and everybody knows your name, even if you are the back-up first baseman and have a .003 batting average. While the sting of defeat may not be disposed of easily, at least you know you'll always have a collective warm embrace from some of the best fans in baseball, Red Sox Nation.

You get off the bus and realize that no one is there to greet you, save for a handful of pimpled interns working for the press and someone who is serving their community service sentence by picking up litter along Yawkey Way.

Insert an endless tapestry of profanities concerning your misbegotten and fair-weather fans that you will surely begin to weave here.

While this may sound like some sort of far-fetched tale about what would have to be some of the worst fans in baseball, this is in fact what happened following the Red Sox's loss in Game Seven of this year's ALCS. But the conclusion of the fantasy mirrors that of the reality: Boston Fans suck.

What happened, Nation? Have you abandoned your conventional senses? This is a team that has only missed the playoffs once since 2003, and despite numerous Super Bowls and even an NBA Championship, put your city back on the athletic map. Don't kid yourselves, Bean Towners — the victories of other sports pale in comparison to the hoisting of the long-awaited World Series trophy in 2004 and it made those other victories only sweeter.

Have you forgotten those 31,411 days that there was no championship to boast? You supposedly stood by your team through the Bill Buckner days and years of utter domination by your arch rivals, the New York Sellout Yankees. Yet with your narrowed championship vision, you have abandoned those admirable principals for a larger payroll and a champs-only-no-excuses mentality. You have become the very thing you hated. Shame on you.

Like the gold digging wives who leave their investment banking husbands just when the market goes sour, you Boston Fans need an attitude adjustment. Everyone knows the worst kind of fans are fair-weather fans, and while you may have boasted somewhat commendable loyalty throughout the years, you have become beguiled by your winning ways and the proof is this, this latest display which is downright egregious.

Maybe CF Coco Crisp said it best. "There's always next year." Then again, just ask the Cubs how good it feels to say that over and over again.


  1. Boston fans don't deserve a single championship. None of them.

    This is pathetic.

    I spit on you, you worthless sacks of yankee shit.

  2. Hey don't pin this on the North. At least Philly Phans are insane through good times and bad.

  3. I also think Tommy from Quinze embodies the Red Sox "Nation"