Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Shit, man. What did you think all the suspensions were? Not a cry for help?

Travis Henry has never been mistaken for an upstanding member of society, and now he's going to be taken out of society for a long time.

The DEA released a statement today saying that Travis Henry and some dude named James Mack were arrested Tuesday following them buying coke from a snitch.

The DEA stopped a car driven by said snitch on September 16th, which had six pounds and three kilograms in it. The snitch was allegedly supposed to deliver the drugs to Billings, MT, and return to Denver with $63,600 for Henry. The snitch was to be paid $5,000 for his services.

The snitch (whose name was not released due to status of 'snitch') and the contact in Billings owed Henry a combined $40,000. Henry also allegedly threatened the debtors and their families over this debt. This of course, is standard operating procedure for drug debts. What's he going to do, sic a collection agency on their asses?

This whole incident is kind of sad, considering how good Henry was a couple of seasons ago for the Titans. Even sadder considering that there are now nine kids and nine baby mamas whose meal ticket will be in a jumpsuit instead of shoulderpads.

Of course, one can easily compare career paths taken by another illegitimate-child-having-and-pot-suspension-serving Running Back. Ricky, on the other hand, served suspensions, started wearing condoms, stopped inhaling [as much], and worked his way back into the NFL. Considering that running between the tackles is virtually the only legitimate money-making options open to these two men, one would have hoped that Henry could have taken Williams' efforts to heart and attempted to follow in his staggering footsteps. But alas, this is where we are now.

If you're out there, Travis, we at GRH always liked your hustle, on and off the field. Watch out for your cornhole, bud.

Threat level: Qyntel from Park Heights


  1. After I watch the wire my shit smells better than non-wire viewers shit. I guess this is what if feels like to live on the west coast...I like it.