Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mike Leach is not amused

Texas A&M: You are officially on my watch list

I realize we are in the midst of Missouri-Texas hate week, but I take issue when people attack the only positive person in the state.

I also saw the shot at Knight, again not amused.

There are only 4 CFB coaches I'm obsessed with. Bud Foster, Paul Johnson, Pete Carrol, and Mike Leach.

Even if you hate TT how can you possibly try to make fun of the airraider himself. Imagine this: Think about yourself being the coolest person you could possibly be, you've reached your coolness potential. Let it sink in. Multiply it by 10,000.

You would be nowhere near the greatness of Leach. He is on a whole other level of flavor that you or I can't possibly understand.

What's more, is the fact that this attempted "jab" at Leach is worst than my Simms response to Icehouse's 1896 argument.

Texas A&M, I used to like you, we both had mutual enemies and I respected your tradition. I cheered for Toombs when he ran wild over the Longhorns, and I defended Javorski Lane. However, in light of this recent transgression I think it's time we all look at your true colors.

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  1. No rap video should ever start out with people putting their seat belts on.