Thursday, October 9, 2008

Apples Falling Far from the Tree

Imagine you're on a football team. You get five-star recruits every year at nearly every position. Nobody on the Eastern Seaboard can touch your recruiting. You're hyped preseason almost every year as a BCS Bowl-bound team. And you get out into the meat of your season and continue a legacy that will last forever. You had managed to be the favorite in 11 of the prior 11 games you lost. Sadly, the futility streak came to an end, losing as the underdog last night to a nerd squadron playing on something called BB&T Field. We'll miss your overhyped expecations and hyperbolic stadium nickname. And now, a link.

And get ready for the Tommy and Terry show... It's happening. Probably on UPN, but it's still happening. Arrogance, this Bud's for you.


  1. Fantastic. I would also like to apologize to readers for getting on the Clemson bandwagon, and including them in our top ten preview. However, in all fairness, Lattimer did predict they were going to screw it up somehow. Prognosticators, we are.

  2. What'd I tell yall? Good night and good luck, Bowden.