Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Caption Contest!

"Hey dog, when are you gonna get me out of Cleveland?"


Jay-Z = LeBron > PDiddy = Knicks


"Keep working on the handshake, Bron, or we can't let you into the Roc-a-Fella clubhouse."

This picture should be caption gold. Prove your worth!


  1. J: "Yo, I'll pay you thirty dollars to trade me headbands for this game."

    L: "Word?"

    J: "Y to the yes."

    L: "What was that?"

    J: "Yes."

    L: "Oh, okay cool."

  2. "If you give Spike Lee a five, I'ma hurt you."

  3. You know what amazes me about Bron, the fact that he is able to keep a squeaky clean image in today's fast-paced, digital media. Think about jordan when we were kids, he was portrayed as a god with 0 faults. we now know this was never true however he also didnt live in the age of camera phones, blogs, and a gossip hungry population. Bron, however is savvy enough to avoid all the controversy in order to make the Bron brand more marketable. Look at all the other dumbass athletes and the type of shit they get into, then look at guys like lebron, and tiger. It really is amazing, at least to me.

    ...oh this is a caption post
    Bron- Yeah dog I got my own bubblelicious flava.
    JZ- That shit is righteous I found it on my HP computer.
    Bron. It tastes even better when you drink sprite and wear nike shoes.
    JZ-No dog it's great when you have a budweiser select.
    Bron-Well look at my Nike shoes.
    JZ-I fuck Beyonce
    Bron-Olympics, Coke

  4. "You've got some soft ass hands, dog."

    "Ditto, baby."

  5. LJ: "Scrabble party after the game?"
    JZ: "You betchya! Put on your party pants - I'm bringing popcorn and a whole 2 litre of Diet Rite!"
    LJ: "Be there or be square!"

  6. "Hey, I gotta keep my game tight like Kobe on game night, right?"
    "That was D-Jay from Hustle and Flow that said that."