Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's been real

The great pro football talk is reporting that the pacman experiment is over.

I'll step aside now so the icehouse can give you a more personal reflection.

Evidently the Cowboys trade a first round pick for Roy Williams. Great idea JJ, wide receivers are always safe bets. First round picks are over-rated anyway.

Redskins sign Shaun Alexander.


  1. I guess it was never meant to be, man. I thought you changed your ways. I thought you had reformed. We even tried our hardest to keep you out of trouble.

    Of course, maybe you'll get reinstated.


  2. What's really funny is that if you backed out of the frame, Pac's feet would be in right above the word "UPDATE."

  3. Considering the players likely to come out in next year's draft, is one first round pick that bad of a sacrifice for Roy Williams?

    Dude is great on a bad team. Why wait for another mediocre player (looking at you, Bobby "Barbie" Carpenter and Marcus Spears) when you can have a ready-made touchdown catching machine.

    Also, Roy is bound to play better in Texas (where people still love him) than Detroit. Just look at Leonard Davis.