Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Missouri-Texas history: Conterpoint

If we want to talk about history:


  1. Weak sauce. Weak, weak sauce. I expected better.

  2. Who was the last Missouri QB to go to the NFL, then play half a game with a ruptured spleen? How about go to the NFL, period?

  3. In Lattimer's defense, Chris Simms does suck. That's undeniable.

    Still weak, though.

  4. Icehouse, you know you hate simms so don't try to defend him. and Brad Smith is a receiver now, but he was a qb at mizzou. Corby Jones played in the CFL. (you don't want to make fun of Corby)
    As for the weak comments, my initial reaction was to post Colt McCoy has oral herpes, but I couldn't find the picture from last year's bowl. Furthermore, why is someone from arkansas accusing me about weak sauce. Your DNA has weak sauce, its the WS chromosome. It makes you genetically disposed to shattered dreams, as well as a flavor deficiency.
    I'd also like to add that Icehouse's rhetoric is the same used by the likes of Alabama, and the Yankees. Go ahead and cling to history.

  5. 1.) Alabama is currently number 2 in country.

    2.) Weaker sauce to attack one's credibility rather than address the criticism itself. Shit's WEAK! Shhiiit's weeeeak (a la Grandma's Boy).

    3.) In Lattimer's defense, Arkansas and Simms both suck.

    4.) I hope your paper goes well.

  6. I do hate Chris Simms, but our lousy pussy quarterback is still better than all Mizzou quarterbacks.

    Also, when I had nothing, I posted nothing. I waited until inspiration struck.

    Should've just enjoyed the post, and finished your paper.