Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You can still watch cold stuff when it's hot

Sweet. The snowboarder in this video is named Travis Rice. Keep your eyes peeled for two double-back flips, and asian people bowing to you, the viewer. "That's it, That's All," a Red Bull and Quiksilver production, will come out on DVD in August. In the meantime, youtube Travis Rice. I was never allowed to drive my snowmobile across water like that.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Playoff time is nigh!

It's been a while since I've been back on here, and considering my merry band of miscreant co-authors have been good for nothing, that's not productive. Don't worry bout the Icehouse, though, I've been staying busy with shredding the gnar out here in Colorado, as well as working non-stop, freezing my ass off, doing my best McNulty impressions, and watching sports.

First of all, fuck college basketball and fuck you. Your favorite team of short bitches is inferior to all of my favorite teams, by a lot. And don't give me the bullshit excuse that these guys are playing for something more noble than straight cash, because that's just un-American. At least Memphis is still in it. I got love for them.

For those of you too busy watching The Hills or NFL draft predictions, you are missing one of the best seasons in the recent history of the L. As of right now, only two teams have clinched playoff spots in the West. Four games separate the playoff teams, and another game separates the Warriors from the promised land. As for the East, there are probably three legitimate contenders in the league-leading Celtics, the perennial Pistons, and my favorite Eastern Team, the Magic. The LeBrons don't seem to have it this year, even though he is leading the league in points, and all around sex appeal.

The fact that the West is so tight just goes to show how good some of these teams are. New Orleans is wrecking shop, the Kobe show can't be stopped, the champs are the champs, and that's not saying anything about the quality of play coming out of Utah, Dallas, Phoenix, Denver, Houston, or even the Golden State Roundball Spectacular. All of these teams must continue to win to be in the playoffs, and that's no small task.

So keep your eyes peeled for the best sports season of the year, the NBA playoffs. They start the non-stop funk train April 20th (like you were going to get off the couch on that day anyways).

Furthermore, stop watching Ninja Warrior, and check out the random pretentious musings from everybody's favorite communist bullshit-manufacturing union leader at Vitus Tinnitus. I'm going to keep rotting my brain listening to Slightly Stoopid and ruining my body by going too fast.