Friday, October 10, 2008


That's right kids, LSU travels to Gainesvillewherethefuckamiwhydotheyhavetorches, FL for the second annual Battle Royale for Swamp Donkey Supremacy (my copyright on that phrase is pending). Sharpen the frog gigs and pour the 'shine in the spare gas can tied to the side of the truck, cause somebody's got to win. While the rest of the nation cheers on the asteroid that would crush both programs into oblivion, these fine representatives of American culture go head to head as Les Miles places his coccaine habit against Tim Tebow's faltering jihaad. That was wordy.

Enjoy the following and caption away.

"Two Alabama fans mauled by roid-raging Cajun after taunting him with corndogs and snares."

This one is a little worn out but I still like it. As the Dude's rug years before, this picture really ties the whole room together.

"Police Report Burglar Not Actually a Cow after Hours of Questionning - Cite Convincing Costume."

"She was tough to crack, but after a few cups of coffee she started speaking in complete sentences"


  1. The funniest part about the last guy in the bovine outfit is that he's probably 5'4", 5'5" at best, because you know that costume gives him in an inch or so.

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  3. Zach, the size of the individuals is a result of the inbreeding typically seen in SEC schools.

  4. Dude, Florida by 30? Luckily LSU-folk can't count that high, so the sting of this loss is lightened somewhat.

  5. The bovine-costumed person is actually a woman. She was also arrested in Ohio, I think.