Thursday, October 9, 2008

No, You Don't Understand!

Seriously, y'all, it was nothing.

If you think about it, it was like that wrestling thing I did. All in good fun, you know? I didn't get arrested for messing around then, and I didn't get arrested this time, right? All jokes, man.

Huh? You sayin' the police got involved? Nah, it wasn't like that. We was just up there chillin' wid Ludacris, and people start talking about how Pacman Jones is a wildman. I'm like, nah, I'm not him, I'm ADAM Jones.

And they keep on, like, 'yeah, it was you in that strip club in Atlanta.' I just said, "no, that was Pacman." And they say "wasn't it you in that hotel, and then the club in Nashville, and then in the bar in Murfreesboro, and then in the strip club in Vegas?" I say Pacman. But they keep tryin' me. So finally, I'm like alright, I'll do a Pacman imitation, which is weird, because I'm Adam. But I'm an entertainer, and I'm paid to give people what they want, I hit my boy Tommy upside the head wid a bottle of Moet, just like Luda would've done (sorry, bruh).

Then people start wildin' out, saying, "Pacman's drunk again! Pacman's fighting people!"

That's not how it went. I'm Adam. I'm good and reformed, just ask Deion.

And remember, since the police didn't arrest me, I get to still play football.


  1. So let me get this straight.
    Egotistical WR bent on ruining team. Check
    QB more concerned with ass than football.
    Two former convicts.
    Coach not in control of team.
    Crazy ass owner.
    double check.

    Shit man the Boys are Back!!!!

  2. I'm pretty sure we could find more than two convicts on the team if we tried. Although, last I checked, has Tank actually been convicted of anything?

  3. I don't look at conviction so much as intent. If these guys got nailed on 100% of the times they got pulled over/busted with coke and whores/selling guns to al qaeda, there would be no NFL.

    The only times they get busted are when they get the "one-in-ten-cop-with-a-conscience." Hell, If I saw Ray Lewis kill somebody, I wouldn't say shit, cop or not.

  4. You also have to realize that god most likely told Ray to kill that guy. Or more specifically, God told Ray to kill the guy, then Ray told his friend to shank him.