Monday, May 4, 2009

NBA Playoffs: Round 2

They're coming, they're coming, they're coming.

Yes infuckingdeed, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. Lots of fun. Lots of dunks, lots of great games. This is seriously the best time of the year. Even TNT stepped up their game by adding Chris Webber to what was already the best talking head crew in television.

Anyways, despite the fact that most of the teams I wanted to win ended up losing, I'm still having a great time. I could really do without another viewing Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson and Julius Erving in that one T-Mobile commercial, though.


More of what I want to happen, less of what is going to happen:


(3)Orlando Magic v. (2)Boston Celtics
-Magic. It was nice to give Jesus, PP, and the Kid a ring. It really felt ok to give them one, they earned it. But they have theirs now. They don't really deserve a second one. Individually, sure, but this? It just feels dirty. The Magic have been the dark horse for plenty of time now. As a fan, I deserve to see a few more games of Dwight and Shard.

(4)Atlanta Hawks v. (1)Cleveland Cavaliers
-Normally I'll root for the underdog. Normally I'll root for Josh "J-Smoove" Smith and Joe Johnson. But normally, they're not in the second round of the playoffs playing against a newly minted MVP in LeBron James. Sorry Hawks. Hope you can snake one, but I doubt it. I don't see the Cavs losing too many games before the finals. Better luck next year.

(6)Dallas Mavericks v. (2)Denver Nuggets
-Nuggets. Because Mark Cuban should never have talked shit to JR Smith in the first place. Some people don't like seeing JR pop 28 ft. shots when the Sticky Nuggs are blowing out a team, but I'm going to relish seeing him do it this series. If the Mavs can somehow call "backsies" on the Kidd trade, have Dirk be the 6th man coming off the bench, and burn Erica Dampier down for the insurance money, I'll be a Mavs fan.

(5)Houston Rockets v. (1)Los Angeles Lakers
-I'd love to see the Rockets win. In my mind, they match up pretty well, too. Nobody stops Kobe, but Ron Artest is one hell of a speed bump, plus he's been playing great. Yao eats Pau's lunch for fun, and I don't have enough respect for Andrew Bynum to say that he'll bother Yao much, now that Yao has discovered his mean streak. Couple that with lightning-quick Aaron Brooks, Kyle Lowry flying in for fun, and the kaleidoscope of forwards the Rockets can throw at them, it's feasible. Not likely, but what the hell.

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  1. The fact that the Josh Smith between the legs dunk attempt has not been referenced on GRH is a disgrace.

    Hawks vs. Cavs - Lebron dunks on everyone and if Joe Johnson isn't hitting from 40ft out Hawks lose by 35 every game.

    I hate Boston but Ray Allen is the man if he has the energy to beat Orlando they are going to have to take him off of the floor in a body bag.

    The entire Pistons organization should be forced to watch the Nuggets Mavericks series as punishment for trading Chauncey Billups. Officially the worst move of all time. They look about as dumb as Iverson's naked girlfriend did when he kicked her out of the house at gunpoint.

    Only thing better than the Celtics Bulls series would be the Rockets beating the Lakers.

    Oh and hopefully McGrady burns in the same fire that Dampier does. Glad he can drop 55 in a completely irrelevant game everyone once in a while dont get me wrong its fun to watch, but apparently you need a player who actually plays. It almost seems to pretend to be hurt towards the end of the season so he doesn't have to listen to how much of a choke artist he is. Is it really possible for someone to miss so many games consistently? I want to hit him with his "special chair" he sits in on the sidelines, because at this point that is the only way he could give me as a rockets fan any satisfaction.

    Just think of all of the players the Rockets could have right now with all of that money....