Thursday, May 21, 2009

Celtics' Garnett Says He'll Definitely Be Ready for the Championship

BOSTON — Kevin Garnett, whose knee injury kept him from the latter part of the season and most of the playoffs, says that he's ready to defend Boston's crown in the NBA Championship.

"I feel like I'll be ready to go," said Garnett. "Not yet, but by this time next week? Definitely."

Garnett, who won defensive player of the year accolades last year, says that the Championship belongs to the Celtics, with second place going to the Lakers.

"It's a rivalry that runs deep. I'm pretty sure it's in our contract, too," Garnett said in an empty Boston locker room. "I don't know where everyone is..."

When informed that the Celtics had been beaten by the Orlando Magic and would not be advancing in the tournament, KG laughed.

"You're dumb," said the All-Star. "We're going to the Championship, and when we get there, I'm going to play. But really, you're a big dumb, retarded dummy."

Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and every other member of the Boston Celtics organization were unavailable for comment, as they were vacationing elsewhere.

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