Friday, May 22, 2009

Albert Pujols cares not for your stadium promotions

Typically I try to keep the Cards posts to a minimum simply because the homerism would be unbearable, but this is just too cool not to talk about.

Background info:
During Mark McGwire's steroid fueled long ball run, the brass in The Lou decided it would be cool to create "Big Mac's land." (Section in left field upper deck) A cool concept, essentially if anyone on the Cardinals hit a homerun into "Big Mac Land" everyone with a ticket stub for the game could get a free Big Mac from McDonalds, good for one week. It was meant to be a way to promote McGwire's thunderous shots into left, because he was the only one who could do it. (Fans also designated "Little Mac Land" in short left, for Joe McEwing, which was about as stupid and pointless as Mcewing was to the Cards)

Fast forward to the present day, the Cards still have "Big Mac Land" and you can still get a free Big Mac. That is, until Albert Pujols had something to say on the matter. I don't know what was running through his mind. Perhaps it was "Mang, dis promotion is contributing to de increased obesity in our country." Or maybe, "In my country people are starving, and dees people are getting free food every time I do something good, we should donate food every time we hit baseball into upper deck." Another idea is, "Who is dis Big Mac, that should say El Hombre Land." He may have viewed the sign as a threat. Then again he was probably just sitting on a changeup. I don't know what he was thinking (Only Yadi will know), and frankly I don't care because Albert can do whatever the hell he wants.

Either way, Albert didn't like that sign.

(watch it, 30 seconds of awesome)
Once again an awesome moment is ruined by Al Hrabosky.
(People ask me why I can't stand The Mad Hungarian. 13 years old I was at an anti-drug leadership thing, it was awesome, we got out of school and learned not to do meth. Anyway Hrabosky was the keynote speaker. There were about 60 kids there so me and my buddy snuck in baseballs to get an autograph. We go up to Al and say, "Mr Hrabosky, can we get your autograph?" His reply, "No, sorry if I sign one for you guys I'll have to sign one for everyone." Gee thanks Al I'll really take to heart that talk about not sticking needles in my arm.....Jackass.)

Whatever I'm over it, and this is really about Albert and how awesome he is. Don't push it away, accept it, and love him.

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  1. LOL, go cards, i wonder what happened with the glass falling on the fans below!