Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Afternoon Funbag!

While we typically provide GRH readers with a humorous photograph of a popular or at least well-known celebrity athlete who happens to be inebriated, this week we came up short. Here's Yao Ming, Houston's perhaps favorite chinaman, apparently imbibing but then giving a speech with his usual, sober expression.

To quote Eddie Murphy, "Karate Man hurt on the inside."

So what has this week taught us? American cars aren't doing too well, something called a "swine flu" may be almost as painful as the flying pig puns that are procured therein, and, judging by the amount of postage this week, Zack Stovall is either unemployed or has way too much time on his hands.

Also, there were some videos. A hat tip to GRH commenter White Yao. Savor the flavor, butterscotch — I'm sure there's a Lattimer verbal thrashing somewhere to be found. Here's one that's less funny than freaking-face-melting-mind-blowingly awesome. Apparently you can't embed things that are this awesome, to which I would reply, "FIE!"

One of my guilty pleasures is an affinity for some forms of punk music, including but not limited to Blink 182. But this entertainment knows no bounds.

This is one of my all-time favorite SNL skits. It was the precursor to Andy Sandberg's digital shorts, and features Steve Buscemi as a used food pawn shop owner.

I don't much care for the Hills. But I care for Chris Bosh a great deal. I'm so conflicted. But this is funny anyway.

I like food and I like it when people rub my feet in a non-tickling fashion. I am down with this cause.

It's entirely possible that Vader Sessions has appeared on the Ghost before. It's an absolute certainty that it hasn't been watched enough by Americans everywhere. Do your patriotic duty and behold.

Hey there! Six videos! Five of which were easily embedded! That's enough to get a good start to the weekend. Or not. Anyway, have it at it, and, as always, play to win.

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