Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother'sth Day, Mrsths. Phelpths

If eight-times-golden Michael Phelps had his way, he'd have all European media bombed and destroyed forever.

News from across the pond is saying the Phelpthsie, distraught after the tremendous backlash from a photo surfacing of him smoking the reefer, got some hookers (plural).

I'm reticent to go on a tear about this: He should've known better, He should be better, nag nag nag, blah blah blah. It's all just noise.

Frankly, I'm just tired of hearing about it. The nature of news these days is that if you hold the microscope on someone long enough, you'll catch something. Given the type who seems to be prone to kicking himself in the rear — which is true, despite if these stripper stories are true or not — that just makes it all the more painful to watch.

Again, I'm just tired of hearing about it. And I think we can all do in the comment section more than I would hope to do by expounding on it further.


  1. He's just tippin on 44s, mackin 4 hos.

  2. Phelpsie also pops fat lips, so I'm inclined to actually like him. I'm so confused right now.

  3. Phelps is going to completely destroy his respectability, then come back and run the table in the Olympics in 2012.

    He's doing all of this because that would make him cool, and he knows that we hate him for not being cool.

  4. Good for Phleps...getting these girls to do something strange for some change

  5. Phelps strikes me as the guy who does nothing in high school, then shows up to college and starts partying like there is no tommorrow. He then proceeds to brag about said partying and ridicules everyone for not partying "hard enough." It just baffles me. I love MJ, I love Lebron, I love Joe Montana, I love Bodie Miller. But I simply can't bring myself to like Phelps.

    Then again:

  6. Phelps didn't go to high school. He swam.

    I get that he's going crazy, since he probably had a total of 10 days off for the last five years, but he just plain doesn't have any tact.