Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag

It's Redick Brah

Well Icehouse is out playing Pirates of the Caribbean and Stovall is still settling in to his new role as political rock star.

That leaves me, lowly Lattimer, to deliver what we all want and crave.

The Funbag.

Let's kick it.

The NBA is where amazing happens, and nothing is more amazing than Kenyon beefing with Cuban. Advantage: Kenyon.

Did you ever dream of seeing a football game pitting mascots against 10 year olds? Well today is your lucky day.

Haha Blount, Blunt. Get it.

If you didn't realize that Cleveland has issues you will now.

ahhhhh IT'S A TIE!!!

A little something in honor of Icehouse.

And finally a little something for Brian.


  1. YES!! Made the Friday Funbag!

    Don't worry Lattimer, I'll go to the loony bin with ya.

  2. i can't believe i watched the entire cleveland video.