Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday's Pick & Roll

Cleveland Cavaliers at Orlando Magic (-2.5 points) Over/Under point total: 192.5
While the NBA and Nike want a LeBron/Kobe finals, the Orlando Magic clearly have other plans. After struggling against the 76ers and going to a 7-game series with the Celtics, the Magic have embarrassed the team with the league's best record: Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs are 0-4 at Amway Arena on the season and it seems that LeBron will have to do his best Jordan impersonation tonight to change that. This series should have already been swept had it not been for a defensive mistake by Magic Coach Ron Jeremy putting Hedo Turkalou to defend James on a last second 3-point shot. Bottom line for tonight's pick: the Cavs have shown no signs of slowing down Big Turk or Rashard Lewis, so why bet that they will tonight? Take Orlando at -2.5. Looking forward to seeing more of those Magic Girls in the Finals


  1. Got the money on Adidas pissing on Nike and Smart Water's plans.

    I would've loved a Jordan Brand v. Adidas finals.

  2. I can do that. But with much more applause.