Thursday, May 7, 2009

God Save the Queen

Sorry, I showed up a little late to this rodeo, but I still think GRH needs to address this issue.

Evidently Heir Goodell is considering a Superbowl in London.

In short, NO

The first problem we have is the time difference. In the U.S.A the Superbowl is held at roughly 6:00 EST. This time slot allows American fans to have a day of clebration, drinking, appetizers, drinking, and drinking.

According to Icehouse's calculations, in order to keep this time slot the Superbowl would have to be held at midnight in London. Naturally this fucks with us, the English, and most importantly the players.

Next issue is the fans. If your a Pittsburgh/Arizona fan, It's not too bad to get a flight into Tampa, but getting a flight to London? Sure, fans will make the trip, but not all the fans.

The final issue is spreading Football throughout the world. Look we already have a regular season game in London, and I kinda like the idea. I almost feel that the one (maybe more) game (s) should move throughout Europe, maybe even Mexico city. Spreading football is great, and I love to see it. Shit, I may be one of the few that follows the IFAF World Cup. But allow me to get neo-con for a second. THIS IS OUR GAME. It's a significant part of American culture. Don't like football? That's fine, but I bet your ass watches the Superbowl. Shit Imagine if the UEFA Championship was held in New York City. I'd hate that, because I would feel that the European fans were getting screwed over for the sake of exposure.

Shit is just messed up.


  1. Just want to throw this out there... The Super Bowl is no longer meant for fan attendance. Those fans who could afford Super Bowl tickets when it was in Tampa can probably afford Super Bowl tickets in London. It's for corporate sponsorships; if Gatorade needs to stroke your dick, guess what, you're going to the Super Bowl. If Gatorade is not interested in your dick, guess what, you're going to your buddy's Super Bowl party down the block. Is it horrible? Yes, it's horrible. Is there any dimmension of time or space in which an Englishman will give two shits? Probably not. Is it Goodell's stiff arm attempt to get his franchises to pony up whatever money is required to have the game on their home field? Probably so. But the NFL has been running this shit for a while without any regard for Joe Schmuck and his buddies with season tickets. But if this is the cost of a capitalist society, it still beats communism.

  2. Also, I hope that one day, Gatorade is interested in stroking my dick, just so that I can tell them on the plane ride back home from the Super Bowl that they fucked their chances with me when Florida hired Steve Spurrier, but thanks for the tickets. The seats could have been better.

    Really hope that happens.

  3. I heard some talk on the Mike and Mike (I know you guys hate show) show that if a 17th game was put in place (like it being pushed for by the commish) each team would play one game overseas. This would keep even home and away games, with one neutral. I for one, hate this idea.

  4. True enough Booker Pogue. The game is dominated by corporate sponsorships, but I still see/hear of everyday fans making the trip to go to the game. That being said, who knows if those same fans wont pony up to make the trip to England. I still think it's more of a pyschological bitch slap to the fans in America.

    P.S Fuck Gatorade, Pedialyte is the way to go.

  5. Pedialyte is for children. It says so on the bottle.

    Super Bowl in London is the worst idea ever. We gave them NFL Europe and they didn't want it lesson learned.

  6. When did Europe turn worthless? Those guys used to kick major ass. They took gunpowder and fuckin dominated for more than 500 years, to say nothing of all the ass that Rome kicked. Now they all listen to techno, starve themselves, shave their chests, and smoke hash. Back in the day (and i hate that kind of terminology), they kicked so much ass, they had to subdivide Africa, South America, etc. just to give themselves enough room to air their nuts out. Now, they're just a bunch of worthless whiners. What happened? I blame The Cranberries.