Thursday, May 14, 2009

Paulus to play in the fall

No not Ron Powlus.

So it seems that our favorite posterized point guard will be playing QB at Syracuse this fall.

I realize everyone hates Paulus along with Duke, but I actually think this is kind of cool. At the very least Mentos in Coke cool.

Furthermore, it seems that Paulus paid attention at Duke because this is a pretty smart move on his part. He's from Syracuse. If he clears the waiver he'll start at QB, and nobody really expects him to do anything's Syracuse. Plus he'll get a year to show scouts what he can do, and if he does fall flat on his face at least he'll get a masters degree. Education first, right NCAA?

For those of you that think this is a pipe dream, remember that Paulus was a high school All-American and Gatorade player of the year in high school.

But those are just awards, lets take a look at some film shall we?


The eye in the sky don't lie, and it seems that Paulus has some moves. (he'll need it Cuse ranked 98th in sacks given last year) Passing looks shaky. He's a slinger.

But hey it's Syracuse, why the hell not.


  1. it's not "Mentos in coke cool" it's "Chris Weinke cool"

  2. A. I would like this music better if i had robot ears

    B. He's got a decent run game, i'll give him that

    C. It doesn't matter who is the QB, it's Syracuse football. These dudes were born to lose.

  3. Sorry Brian, I meant to put in the "I am a genius" tag.

  4. First of all, I don't know how a lion got into this neighborhood in the first place.

  5. So I look up into the tree and there's the fuckin king of the jungle.

  6. He goes through his receivers. Doesn't stare one down every time (sometimes, yea). That's something to build on.

  7. Well shit I can check down if I get that much time. I think he knows where he wants to go from the snap and if that guy isnt open he uses his feet to buy time.

    His protection was also tremendous.

    If anything you can build on his ability to throw on the run.

    That, and he was 17-18 in this video.

  8. and i was like yo, thats the king of the fuckin jungle. I gotta call the 5-0

  9. yoo good luck zack....kill it tonight

  10. grandma's boy is not a good movie

    straight up elitism.

  11. Vitustinnitus:

    I hate you face

    /robot voice

  12. sorry that should be your face

    I also think you would like the movie if you had robot ears.