Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ron Artest's past haunts us all.

Holy dogshit. Really? Really?

I wonder if Kobe really knows who he's messing with. I highly doubt that anything like that ever happened at Kobe's private school in Italy.

And just because Rafer was mentioned in the video above, and because I've always wanted to bitchslap Eddie House, here it is again for you viewing pleasure.


  1. I mean, honestly, who DIDN'T stab someone with a chair leg in a hotly contest bout with a bitter rival in grade school?

  2. "Don't you know you're hitting Ron Artest?" This man is keeping the NBA from devolving into the vaginal abyss of European (read: non-German, non-Dutch) soccer.

    On another note, if Kobe had gotten his ass kicked every time he deserved it between childhood and today, he'd probably be infintely more likable. Too bad for basketball, and too bad for him.

  3. Ron is no liar