Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NC double A--holes

The NCAA strikes again.

I picked this up yesterday from Dr. Saturday. I agree with him on a lot of things, and this story is no exception.

Meet Jeremy Jarmon a 6'3 277 (286) defensive end from the University of Kentucky. Jeremy, however will not be able to play his senior because he bought and used an over the counter weight loss supplement. Awesome.

Now, rules are rules, and the NCAA/institutions do a pretty good job on explaining what you can and cannot take. Typically there are large lists, hell sometimes even pictures of stuff you can't take. Jeremy took it, and now he has to pay the price. But a whole season? Shit, In the NFL you can stick straight up andro in your ass and you'll only miss 6 games. Oh and only 4 games for HGH. MLB? 50 games first offense.

But here's what really gets me, In the NCAA you can smoke crack cocaine, get charged with assault, rape/beat a girl, steal shit, brandish firearms, sell drugs, and still miss maybe 3, 5 games max. But the second you take a weight loss pill, well you are ruining the amateur ideals of the NCAA. Gone for a season.

Way to go NCAA.


  1. Is this really going to hurt his chances of getting picked up in the Draft? Since Jermey has already recieved his degree and there are no classes left to take, what if he takes an alternative path to the NFL?

  2. Brian, yes it will hurt him. He only has two years of film on him. If anything he may get picked up as a free agent or at the most maybe later rounds next year. Then again its not really about the draft but more or less the dumbasses that run the NCAA.