Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

It's always good for people that hate the Chicago Bears to see their brand new quarterback like this.

Memorial Day! Yes! Sunburns, burnt burgers, arrests, and no shirts are the menu, all the while knowing that there is no work on Monday.

If you couldn't get any more jacked up, here's this.

I know that keyboard cat is borderline played out, so we might as well put one up before it's too cliché.

Then there's whatever the hell this is.

Midgets Vs. Mascots Unrated Trailer - Funny videos are here

Note: If you ever get mugged, apply a sleeper hold.

Free Darko and Jurassic 5's Charlie 2na make for one hell of a commercial.

Ok. Fabuloso. I'm ready for a 50% longer weekend, with all the hilarity it deserves. GO!


  1. Motivation Speeches made me go shirtless in the office. Once I explained it to everyone, it was cool.

  2. My testicles ruptured with the amount of testosterone they tried to rapidly produce after watching that video.

    The midgets vs. mascots video, that is.

  3. i was hoping to get this into the funbag:

    also, holy shits midgets and mascots.

    finally, format your blog so we can see all of a video and not 4/5ths of one.

  4. Midgets v. Mascots was sent to me by a coworker.

    Over beers one evening, his friend explained to him the idea. My coworker thought he was kidding. For almost a year, his friend came to him with stuff like, "yeah, while filming my movie a midget porn actress shit herself." My coworker thought it was all a big running joke, that his friend couldn't shake. Then, his friend sent my coworker that link, and my coworker realized, painfully, that his friend was serious the entire time.


  5. my shit storm is missing. I'm dying inside.