Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week 3 preview

Ok we've been privy to some pretty solid games over the first two weeks. Week 3 leaves us with little in terms of marquee matchups, but there are still some interesting games. The big theme this week is that we will find out a lot about certain teams. Plus, it's CFB, so let's get up and get down.

Tonight we have #14 GT at #20 Miami. Obviously it's a huge conference game for both teams, especially in the ACC where one game can mean the difference between going to the championship game or playing in some random bowl. (The ACC IS competitive albeit in it's own shitty way)GT has fired on all cylinders at times, and at others they look like a literal Rambling Wreck. Defense is average. Another note is that last year GT shredded The U with the run game. I'm telling you, Miami could not stop the midline. The U is also interesting. WE saw the coming out party for Jacory Harris against FSU. The big question was whether that outcome was a result of a shitty FSU defense or a legit U offense. We shall find out.

Friday we have #10 Boise at Fresno. It's a good matchup. Boise wants to impress the pollsters, and Fresno is always a competitive team.

Saturday starts out with ECU at #24 UNC. ECU has lost a lot in past years, but Skip has been known to pull the early season upsets.

#8 Cal at Minnesota. Not really a great matchup but I haven't seen Cal, or Jahvid Best who is putting up Playstation numbers with over 10ypg.....TEN... A F*CKIN TEN!!! The USC game could be epic, but I hear this every year and every year Pete Caroll wins forever.

3:30 games

Tulsa at #8 Oklahoma. Tulsa has a great offense. Does the fall from grace continue?

Tennessee at #1 Florida. Note to Kiffin. Tebow recognizes that pride along with vainglory are deadly sins....and he will smite the.

#3USC at Washington. People are calling this a trap game. I don't Believe. Honestly even if Barkley doesn't play Corp is just as good.

#19 Nebraska at #13 Virgina Tech. Homerism aside, probably the best matchup of the day. Nebraska has looked impressive, although they haven't really played anyone yet. Pelini seems to have The Huskers moving in the right direction, and much of this game will depend on the defense, I-Back Helu, and noob QB Zac Lee. After Tech's offense looked like Pop Warner champs against Alabama, they went ahead and dropped 52 on Marshall with over 600 yards of offense. (444 rushing) I don't know how to react to this. Is this what TT fans feel like? Anyway Ryan Williams and David Wilson went off, and the Nebraska game will show if the pre-season hype is warranted for this offense. Blacksburg is a tough place to play, but look for the Huskers to play very well...almost too well for my liking. For our friends in the Yellow Hammer State, this game can also serve as an indicator of how good your team is that outplayed a Tech team two weeks ago.

Late games.

#17 Cincinatti at Oregon State. Tony Pike has been balling for the past two weeks. The cross country road trip is a great chance to improve the pollsters' opinion of the Bearcats. Also, look for Brian Kelly to be the hot coach for major program openings. Looking at you ND.

FSU at #7 BYU. Great notch on the belt buckle for the Mormons BYU busting campaign. FSU didn't look horrible in the opener against Miami, but again it comes down to the good offense/shitty defense dilemma. The 19 pt performance against the Jacksonville state leads one towards the shitty UM defense theory.

#23 UGA at Arkansas. UPSET ALERT!!! I'm calling it. Sure Arkansas played Missouri State last week. (Which used to be Southwest Missouri State, or SMS. However, everyone there has an inferiority complex and wanted to change their name to Missouri State. The complex stems from the fact that for many people, SMS represents High School+4. The "State" moniker says "Hey I went off and did my own thing, but I still suck on the tit that is high school....and if I flunk out...well state was just too big for me" /offends half of High school graduating class.) But honestly, Mallett+Petrino=good. Plus UGA hasn't been very impressive considering Boone Picken's loss to Houston.

The ABC primetime game is TT at #2 UT. Revenge is an understatement, but typically the Red Raiders get shit on in Austin. Consider this game a Colt McCoy Heisman showcase. But who knows, it's Mike Leach we're dealing with.

On a final note, I'll be out of town this weekend so the live blog will be inactive.


  1. Miami disrespected the shit out of GT's flexbone.

  2. So last year when Texas was #1, I totally thought Texas won when Blake Gideon almost picked off that last pass. Unfortunately, it fell through his hands, and Michael Crabtree ended up winning the game for Tech. This unfortunate twist of events was just about the fastest change from high to low my fortunes have experienced lately. I ended up smashing a chiminea. Later that night, an enraged fan hucked a cinderblock through my dad's windshield. In short, Austin lost its shit.

    So yeah, I've been a little hellbent on revenge. Texas's murder list has been for the last year:

    1. OU
    2. TT

    Hopefully, tomorrow night will set things right in the world.

  3. This weekend was fucking crazy in every way, shape, and form.