Saturday, September 5, 2009

CFB Live Blog

(They are coming to your city because they hate you)
Alright, I'll throw some relevant, and not so relevant thoughts on the early games. I'll be updating throughout the day, until I'm locked in the basement for the Tech game.

-The Kenny Chesney song is even more horrific than I could have ever imagined......Aaaaaand they still have Big and Rich. I hate ESPN so much right now.

-Under Armor debuts their new commercial. It's kind of a who's who of Under Armour commercials with Explosions in the Sky providing the soundtrack. Take note ESPN.

-Crowd reaction to the Blount punch is priceless.

-Colt and Bradford look so cute together. Somewhere Icehouse is vomiting.
-And there is the Washington State flag.

-Nick Saban on gunshot wounds. "Not knowing a lot about gunshot wounds (ED-bullshit) It's really nothing more than a puncture wound.

-Obligatory SEC chant

-Obligatory overrated chant. (ND on the screen)

-And 11:20 EST we get our first Tebow of the year.

-Lane Kiffin on. Over/Under on a secondary violations committed- 2

-11:30 EST first beer.

-Musberger in a NASCAR....I'm not saying I'm hoping for a crash. know.

-T-Mobile: They call him that because Tech's offense utilizes the drop back look and run play.

-Lee's upset alert Washington and LSU????

-Chipppaaaah, as the guest picker.

-Agree with Herbstreit that the Bama/Tech game will come down to the offenses/QB's

-Lee Corso....Mascot comes.....The Pachyderm. Seems to be the general consensus.

-Best sign at gameday from EDSBS via@Flubby

Alright I'll be flipping between the Navy OSU game, Syracuse and Paulus, Lehigh, and a little of Old State for the early throw away lineup.

-OSU scores early, good pass by Pryor, Midshipman missed tackle.

-I'll say it again, Spielman is the best analyst on TV.

-Navy is impressive, they are executing the option flawlessly against bigger, faster, stronger, opponents. QB just scored on a midline play.

- Say what you want but it was cool what OSU did pregame and opening with Navy, Tech did something similar for ECU.

-Paulus, dare I say....not that bad all things considered?

-Gahhhh, Navy should be killing them with counter option. OSU is trying to rotate their safeties to motion. That's a flexbone 101 no no.

-Paulus throws a TD. Faked the bubble went up top on the fade. Good example of series football in the passing game.

-Seriously, Paulus is not that bad, he just made a hot read on a blitz.

-Paulus flopped, and you say there is no carryover between BBall and Football. Navy puckering the assholes in the entire state of Ohio. 14-23.

-UNI 13 Iowa 10. May have to rethink my Big 10 (11) argument.

-Navy big TD pass (85 yrds) to make it 21-29. Also, this is why you don't play man against option teams.

-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Navy picks off a Pryor pass into OSU territory, 3:51 left, plenty of time for the flexbone to do it's thang.

-TD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Midline follow...........waiting for the two point........fucking picked by tOSU for two points. SHIT

-Bob Griese is either drunk or suffering from too many concussions. I say drunk.

-Don't rip on tOSU, well actually no, destroy them. But give Navy some credit. we'll finish out this portion with Paulus watch.

-UNI field goal to win...blocked...double shit.

-Paulus really needs to stop the insane scrambling, throws pick in OT, Minnesota wins. All things considered, not a bad outing. Give him some credit.

-Lehigh loses to directional Conneticut state. Same shit as last year. I hate so much right now.


Ok we have OK State UGA and MIZ-ZOU Illinois in the 3:30 games. May check out Michigan

-Sorry we had a beer/wings/sports bar intermission.

-Don't follow ESPN personalities on twitter, during gameday it's worse than watching the actual thing.

-The MIZ-ZOU is very surprising. Everything coming out of Columbia, including my inside source was anti-Gabbert. He played very well today, I may have to change my thoughts on the Big 12 North...maybe.

-Michigan and ND. Hey, good job. It's not like they played world beaters, but they also didn't look like shit.

-The San Jose State USC game was an upset alert until the clock started.

-OK State was somewhat impressive. It was at home, and yeah they got some calls, but the defense was better than I expected.

-Ok enough with ripping on Millen as an analyst. He's good. If you're only argument is "well he sucked as a GM so he's stupid" then you must also follow the logic that Emmit Smiff is a great analyst because he was a great player. Seriously, listen to what he's actually saying. I guess I just appreciate a guy who knows the difference between a counter and "running it off tackle with a jab step" If you want to debate it, we can arrange that.

-Spielman is still the best.

-Oklahoma vs. BYU is on right now. Mormons VS. the Normans.....Sorry I had to.

-Big 10 (11) haters have some material to work with this week.

-Ok we all know VT and Bama is on tonight. And we all know I'll be locked in my basement. (complete with rubber walls) At this point I'm just hoping things don't get too bad. But if they do... It's been nice blogging for you Hobbers.

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