Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CFB Preview

#3 USC

Offense 9 returners. QB Corp, Barkley, Corp, Barkley is the resident newcomer. Stafon Johnson et. al. at RB (C'mon McKnight) and the entire O-line returns.

Defense 3 returners with genetic lottery winner Taylor Mays leading the way.

Special Teams Football is three days away and you're still not real players.

Many people will point to USC losing a lot of players from last year, specifically the defense. But the one thing you don't have to worry about at USC is if the kids aren't alright. Seriously, the term reloading is a cliche, but it's true for the Trojans. The schedule is set up for a MNC. They play tOSU early in the year, after that they have...the Pac-10.

Some of you may have been following the QB debate between Corp and Barkley. I really don't buy into it. I saw Corp play in high school, and the guy is legit. If Barkley is challenging that spot I can only assume the same thing. The only argument I've heard is that Barkley throws more pics. Great. I don't care, SC is SC. SC has been the most consistently awesome program for a while. In fact I think USC, Texas, and VT hold the longest streak for 10 win seasons. USC is good, they compete, however they have to avoid the same thing I talked about last year. The random in conference loss.

Actual analysis? Shit, who knows. tOSU (hahahahahaha some people think the buckeyes will win) won't be a problem but I can't predict where they will fuck up every year. Stanford? Oregon State? Who knows? I think the only thing we can take from this is considering the current state of CFB SC will need to run the table. If they do that they have performed very well in bowl games and you can legitimately pick them against any team in the nation. The MNC can be achieved, easily, but who knows where the hell they will screw up. Like last year I'll give them one loss just because the gospel of Tebow is being preached, and it would make too much sense to pit them against a legit opponent for the MNC.

I love Pete Carroll, the coaching staff, and USC. Make no mistake, if there was a playoff sytem in CFB the Trojans would have at least won one more MNC. They are never the sexy pick for title winners because they are head and shoulders above the Pac-10, but I'll challenge anyone to show me that they are not the best program in the country. Looking at this year? They need to run the table to win the giant glass football.

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