Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CFB preview

Ha I figured another way to do two teams in one post

#4 Ohio State
#3 USC
(Just accept the fact that I have created my own rankings)

Why you ask? Well quite simply one of these teams will be out of the top five after September 13th

I am a genius.

Up first #4 THE Ohio State University.

Ok, While everyone else hates Ohio State for some reason I've been somewhat indifferent over the years. Yeah I hate them when they play Penn State, but for some unknown reason I hold Jim Tressel and their program in high regard. Look I really don't buy into this this SEC speed media driven BS. Looking at the past two years of TOSU football, they were simply outplayed by a solid Florida squad in 06. Last year nobody really thought they would win the Big 10, let alone make a NC appearance. (Losing to a superior LSU squad) Again, I really don't buy the "speed" argument and if you look at the Tressel era there is no way you can argue against the consistency TOSU has shown.

With that being said the young "reloading" squad of last year returns 18, yes 18 starters from last years squad. from my count I have 9 on offense and defense. (4 on the OL/ Plus uber recruit Terrel Pryor) You should be saying holy shit why are they not NC favorites? Two reasons. 1. They play in the Big 10 and hold all the stereotypes associated with that conference. (not to mention to past two NC appearances) 2. They play at USC on Sep. 13th.

I goes without saying, but the game against the Trojans will determine the NC hopes of the Buckeyes. TOSU should go undefeated in conference play and lock up at least a Rose Bowl bid. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I think a one loss SEC team is a almost a lock for a NC appearance, however, even if TOSU loses to USC I'm not sure pollsters are willing to give the Buckeyes a third NC shot in three years.

The formula for TOSU is simple beat USC, Take care of business, redeem themselves in the NC game, set stuff on fire.

#3 USC

Ray Maualuga hates you

Wow USC in the top five, that's crazy.

In all honesty, USC returns four starters on offense. (Blue chippers Sanchez, and McKnight aside) The Trojans also return 7 on defense including linebackers Rey Maualuga, and Brian Cushing. Everyone knows USC has talent and they really never rebuild. Surprisingly, however, the big question for the Trojans is the QB. Mark Sanchez (wears a Mexican flag mouth piece)dislocated his knee cap doing the carioca drill. (I have seen a dislocated kneecap and it is the most horrific thing I have ever experienced in my life) No big deal for USC blue chip Arkansas transfer Mitch Mustain will right the ship... oh wait he can't grasp the offense. (Enter Arkansas joke here)

USC's road to the NC is much like TOSU, beat the Buckeyes and take care of business.
As long as USC has the QB situation straightened up they should avoid a Pac 10 f-up from past years and cruise into the NC game. (Although in the big picture I think USC gets at least one loss on their schedule)

Either way it's the same shit different year.


Sanchez at QB?.....USC

No Sanchez...Buckeyes

Screw it I'll just pick the Buckeyes because I don't want them burning my house down.

(It took every ounce of my fiber not to make this posting solely about Pete Carroll and his awesomeness)


  1. Mitch Mustain = Cake Eater

    Mark Sanchez = Dream Boat

    Pete Carroll = DOUBLE Dream Boat

    Jim Tressel = Vest

    TOSU = Weak Sauce

    Math = Not As Cool As This

  2. Two teams + one post = lazy

    And yet, I can't disassociate USC and OSU. Just can't.