Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Morning Shit storm

Ok so here is a new segment to TGORH, the Monday Morning Shit storm. Since it's Monday morning and everyone is already pissed off, what better way to release your anger than by debating meaningless sports topics.

So How did the Olympics go?

How did come off considering the perceived bias, faking, and fraud? Age fraud that is?

Who won? USA= 110 overall medals China= 51 Golds.

Best Performance?

...My thoughts, Look man you can't go into somebody else's house and expect to get all the calls. If you don't believe this then you have never played in Perry County MO. Look I don't really care about the age stuff, or the fake performances, or the perceived scoring bias throughout the games, its all part of the home field advantage. I actually thought the games went off better than I had anticipated.

Who won? USA of course man, every year the USA beats other countries who use state sponsored sports systems proves our athletic domination.

Best Performance? Bolt hands down.

Now let the shit storm commence.


  1. The Chinese have once again proved that controlling their population with an iron-fisted cruelty leads to greater accomplishments than our piggish capitalism. All hail our new Chinese overlords!

  2. Home Field Advantage = brutal execution of women and children. Hail the Chinese overlords!

  3. Of course, way to win all those gold medals in swimming and diving, you fruitcakes. "Hey look at us, we're slender and flexible." Slender and flexible = first ones dead in nuclear winter.

  4. Icehouse thats another point I wanted to make we dominated in all the sports that at least we care about. nobody in America gives two shits about ping pong or badmitton. And as far as "handball" is concerned give me two years and a 6th grade gym class, and I'll bring that shit home to USA.
    I was a handball All-American grades 6-12

  5. I never even heard of handball until last thursday. The world is glad of this, because I would be unstoppable at this sport.