Friday, August 29, 2008

CFB Preview

#2 Oklahoma

Offense-Entire offensive line returning (all seniors), check. 2 senior receivers, check. Rising star of a QB with the warrior spirit within him, double check.

Defense-6 returners, 3 on the defensive line.

Special Teams-kickers think they are one of the guys.

Schedule-Texas on Oct 11th and Texas Tech on Nov. 22 are the key games. The Bedlam game on Nov. 29 is also significant.

Ramblings. Wow, the Sooners are set for a NC run if I've ever seen it. Nearly then entire offense returns, and I think Stoops has proved that he has the talent to step in on defense. The schedule is almost perfect. The non-conference schedule includes the Mocs from Chattanooga, Cincy, UW, and TCU. Solid yet non-threatening. The Texas game is obviously played in Dallas, but OK plays both Kansas and TT in Norman. Combine this with the fact that Stoops has consistently churned out stellar regular seasons and the Sooner NC picture becomes clear.

Offensively the Sooners will be more than adequate. It goes without saying, but Sam Bradford is a great young QB (Heisman Candidate) he fits the offense perfectly and has multiple weapons at his disposal. Defensively, the Sooners only return 6 but key figures such as Auston English DE, Ryan Renolds LB, and Nic Harris SS, should provide the experince needed.

I won't talk about the Sooners winning the Big 12 South, they will. They will also most likely meet Mizzou in the conference championship, they'll probably win that too. What Oklahoma really needs is to do what is expected and reedeem the past two BCS flops.

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  1. you can't spell "loud-mouthed douchebags" without three OUs. Wait until Chiles runs roughshod all over English's ass.