Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

WOOO! Tonight we're gonna party like Steven Jackson! You know, pound some expensive shit and unload clip after clip into the air in the parking lot of strip joints. Right?...Right?

Yeehaw. Another Friday means another opportunity to give back to the internet community by rehashing what it has already spit my way this week. I think it's ok to do that.

I keeping with the Shakira theme, we have yet another video, although this one is slightly different than the others.

Of course, the Olympics started today. Or they start later on tonight. Or some shit. China is apparently in some sort of time warp where it is impossible to calculate the time change. Anyways, I DO know that Team USA will play Team China starting at 9am Eastern Time on Sunday morning. Although that violates the sanctified "no blood on a Sunday morning" rule, I think we can still deal. Speaking of Team USA, Nike has just released their newest commercial touting the squad. This could go into our "Great Sports Commercials" file, and it probably will, because it will give you goosebumps.

I sure hope Team USA wins, and they probably should, since China's best player is still this guy.

Have I mentioned how much I love the women's events in the Olympics? If you aren't excited, then you should be, and here are two extremely good reasons why. I mean, holy hell. That is downright amazing.

And finally, just to buck the trend a little, here is a hypnotizing skateboarding sequence. It is fully worth your time to watch this in it's entirety, if only for the fucking awesome explosion at the very end.

Well, that's about good enough for this work week. Watch the Olympics. Or football. Or baseball. Or go outside this weekend.

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