Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Morning S--t Storm

Labor Day and you think the Hobbers take a break?

Sheeeeeeeeeeit. I done told Clarence he better have them muhfuckers posting, I ain't taking the fall on this one.

Ok we have a fantasy football league, it's free. Other than the authors,a giant, deafmute, and our friend who would play fantasy "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman"if they made it, nobody else has signed up.

All that money I paid Pey Pey obviously didn't do anything.

Stovall's gloating was ineffective.

Honestly, I see all you random Europeans out there on sitemeter. Stop looking at T.W goes on spring break, and sign up. What better way to gain some street cred than beating the silly Americans at their own game. AT OUR OWN GAME!!!

For the ladies? Shit this is your chance to show us up. Girls know just as much about sports as guys? Shit I agree, have you seen ESPN? Boyfriend won't let you in the fantasy league? Not only does fantasy bring people together but it also serves as a perfect medium to bust balls. "Ohhh you took T.O in the first round? Well I got Purple Jesus and he just ran for 200 with 3 honey bombs, so eat shit."

Hell, we can even move the draft. (Tomorrow at 9 EST) And if you cant make it you can autodraft. From the looks of other leagues that may not be a bad option to go with. [ED-Shit]

So here's what you do. Go to yahoo. create an ID. go to fantasy football and join a private league.

Draft is Tuesday, September 8, 9:00 EST.

Ok, Now that we have that over with let's talk CFB....again.

Tech-Bama. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that Tech will never win a big game against superior opposition with the current offensive staff. I really don't like bashing coaches, because I hear the same thing, but their comes a time when I know exactly what Tech is going to run on every play where you question WTF is going on. There is no rhyme or reason, no identity...just nothing. The defense played their ass off, but you can't win games when you keep them on the field that long. Tech had something like 155 yards on offense, and they were in a position to win the game. God's honest truth, in the past several years I have felt better...a lot better when the D is on the field. And no fan should have to feel that way.

Which brings me to Alabama. Shit, they played better than I thought, especially on offense. The defense was as expected, and had a field day with the stellar Tech offense, but Bama's O really impressed me. Bama fans, for what it's worth, that was a very good Tech defense you rolled on. McElroy played very well for an opening game, and the gameplan was perfect. They wore down a smaller Tech defense that they realized was getting gassed in the fourth.(in fact I THOUGHT that was what Tech was going to do, but that would make too much sense) But all in all Saban has something going on, and Alabama will be a great team this year.

(This is the part where I don't talk about SEC officials and bullshit calls in critical situations.)

Oklahoma. I realize Bradford got hurt. But shit. You are Oklahoma. You should be able to beat some 27 year old Mormans, Heisman or not.

The ACC is horrible.

Ohio State/Navy. Like I said Saturday Ohio State deserves the worst you have to offer. (although I'd hold off until next week) But give Navy the credit. They outplayed, out executed, and out coached tOSU.

Ole Miss. Meh.

Did I mention that I have a 50% chance of winning the ACC. By myself. (Shotgun self hike offense)

I should have put it in print but I knew Baylor would beat Wake. Mainly because of this guy.

You can see more thoughts by scrolling down, but I think we can take two things away from this weekend. 1. Football is back, and we have the pro's next weekend. (c'mooooon RAMS!!!) 2. UVA is the biggest piece of shit football program ever. HAHAHAHA YOU LOST TO WILLIAM AND MARY. NOW all the fans are pissed at Al Groh. Well I don't understand how you can make an educated analysis of the game when you're all loaded up on a 78 Merlot. Seriously all UVA does is take away recruits from Tech. OOOOOOH you're good at "LAX" and Soc-cer. Who gives a shit? Take your double windsors and shove them up your ass. There are more tools in C-ville than the Craftsman plant.

That felt good. Ok so the shit storm is CFB thoughts and any type of fantasy interest.

We'll have the gospel according to Tebow tomorrow.


  1. Ole Miss, meh? you're right. The first half was terrible. Snead was atrocious. He forced throws like he did at the beginning of last year. Our defense took way too many plays off though. But they did tighten up when they needed too. I think I'll know all I need to know in the first half of the SC game.

    Kenny Chesney is the biggest crock of shit ever. This is our moment, this is our time? I wonder how long it took him to find that scrap of toilet paper out of the shitter. THERE WASN'T EVEN A CRAPPY ELECTRIC SOLO. just him. with his cut off t-shirt pointing at his feet. And giving a judo chop/upper cut. Damnit already.

  2. Texas v. Bama national championship game?

    Could there be a more amazing occurence?