Saturday, September 12, 2009

CFB Live Blog

Rough night. but I did come home to a Ryan Bingham Austin City Limits replay.

but now we have CFB. Which is awesome.

I realize we had this yesterday, but Explosions in the Sky is great. Imagine this as ESPN's flagship song for CFB. Also a little shout out to friend of the program vitustinnitus who, along with Icehouse, showed me the awesome.

Not too many gameday notes.

-Wazzu is repping once again.

-Not too many good signs from the Columbus crowd (expected) but we do have some good Charlie Weiss fat jokes. Although there is a "search kids eat free sign."
-Not sure how I feel about DMB and CFB

-Santonio is the celeb picker. Picking purely on fansanity. I can respect that.

-Mascot head..............Herbstreit boys............Trojans.

Ok not too many games to get excited about. We'll be watching Old State, Michigan/ND, and the big one tonight. Hokies are on 360 which I don't have. This may be a good thing because walls computers and other items will not be punched do to offensive inability.
-PSU scores early, simply better than the Cuse.

-PSU up 14-0

-Follow The Wiz on Twitter. He will hook your ass up with out of market games. Now watching Army/Duke (FLEXBONE!!!!)

-But seriously, follow him.

-Fresno up on Wiscaaaaansaaaan 21-17

-Sports Bar break

-Not surprised that Houston is giving Boone Pickens trouble.

-For the Longhorn fans. Dave Christiensen is good, but not that good. You better "Hook them" or whatever the fuck it is you do to opposing teams.

-Michigan ND is a good game, we have the Catholic D-bags leading the newly reformed liberal D-bags 20-17.

-I'd like to thank all the Christians in Texas for beating the cake-eaters from Virginia.

-I'll note that Rich Rod seems to be using more gap schemes in his running game. He's typically been a zone guy.


-On a more serious note, the Forcier kid is pretty impressive especially for a true freshman.

-Musberger continues to piss me off even though I have little fan interest in the game.

-"That'll take the crowd out of it" /1 minute later "Crowd is back in it" Yes Brent, 100,000 plus fans packed it up because the other team scored. Seriously, just fucking go away.

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