Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CFB Preview

#1 Tebow

Offense: Tebow.

Defense: Tebow.

Special Teams: Picking up jersey chasers because they know Tebow.

Initial thoughts: Tebow.

Tebow. I ended last year's post with this statement.
He may not win the Heisman this year, but he'll lead his team to a undefeated NC season only to return his Senior year to win both the Heisman and NC. In the off season he'll end AIDS if Africa, and after he graduates, wins a minimum of two super bowls, he'll save the world from the looming apocalypse in 2012... So raise your glass to Tim Tebow, because he only drinks Gatorade and milk.

So that pretty much sums it up this year. The Gators return 7 on offense and 11, yes E-L-E-V-E-N on defense. Including Tebow-defense Brandon Spikes. But the schedule must be hard right?

/Looks at schedule

Florida had to squeak by Charleston Southern 62-3 and then they face a brutal... tough, Ok they play at LSU, Georgia in Jacksonville, and FSU at home to end the season. Basically, whoever comes out of the West in the Championship game.

In terms of actual analysis, Some people will point to the loss of Percy Harvin, but I don't buy it. They have Delonte Thompson coming up along with guys like Rainey and Moody. Meyer is one of the best adjusting his scheme to the players so look for guys like Nelson and Hernandez to have big years. ...Did I mention Tebow?

Defense? Again they gave up 12.9 pts per game last year and they return 11. ELEVEN!!! Also, Tebow.

At the end there really isn't much to talk about, as long as Florida Tebow doesn't have a slip up like last year they are looking at player the SEC west Champion and #2 in the BCS. Awesome.

So what can we talk about? Ahhhhh yes, the future of Tebow Florida football. Obviously Tebow will leave after this year and go onto do great things in this world. It's an interesting debate, which we will most likely have around April. However the question remains, What will the Florida program do? On one hand Meyer is the same guy who made stars out of Smith, Jacobs, and Leake and has had success everywhere he's been. On the other hand what else does he have to prove in CFB? Before he signed his extension I would have guessed heading off to ND because of it being his "dream job." After reading parts of his book, I got the impression that he chose to go to Florida over ND for two reasons. 1. The stuck up alumni at ND didn't want his offense (read-not pro style) 2. He cared a lot about his kids at the time. To recruit at ND you need to fly all over the country, Florida is a trip down the road. Just my interpretation. I know the contract extension is huge, but hear me out on my crazy ass theory. Let's just assume Florida wins the MNC. And let's just assume some team like the Cowboys have a similar season to last year. That is, they underachieve. Knowing that Urban has nothing more to prove. And always looking for better challenges, what's not to say that the double J or Al Davis tries to make him bolt to the NFL, draft Tebow. Not saying it will happen, just a crazy theory of mine.

In short we'll have that Tebow debate at some point, and Florida just needs to take care of business in order to get to the MNC.


Ohhhhh, draft is tomorrow. Sorry.

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