Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CFB week 4

Get up and get down.

First off lets make fun of deaf mute.

Ole Miss- This is what happens when you wear ties to football games. Nobody respects you, especially Steve Spurrier. Not a whole lot to say about this stinker except. Holy hell Houston, take some GD shots at the end of the game. There is this whole concept of speeding things up when you are behind and slowing things down when you are ahead. But what do I know, I write for a ghost. I thought both coaches were too conservative at the end of the game, but it's tough in that situation when your asshole is so tight it would take John Henry to drive a needle through it. Basically this just validates my thoughts on....

Alabama--Took care of a good Arkansas offense. At this point they have to be the favorite to take the SEC West. And in terms of their current on field accomplishments, they are the #1 team in my book. And it is very difficult for me to say that.

LSU- It's kinda the same situation we have in the beginning of the season. They are #4. Haven't been totally impressive. Offense could use some help. We'll find out what kind of team they really are in the next two weeks when they travel to UGA and host #1....

Florida- I'm sure you've all seen the hit on Tim Tebow. Being woozy is an understatement, but the thing that chaps my ass is that everyone is all excited about Tebow being out. What. The. Hell. Whether you like him or not, I want to see the best player in CFB. Let's hope he gets better. Plus as an opposing fan I'd much rather beat a team full strength without any arbitrary excuses like the elements.

VT-Holy hell. Literally every single talking head at ESPN picked Miami to win, and when they didn't? "Oh the elements played a huge role in this." Exactly, because it NEVER rains in South Florida. But honestly, Stinespring called a good game, Tech played well. All is good. Also, Ryan Williams is amazing.


Texas- Not a lot to talk about here. We will find out more in two weeks when they play OU.

Penn State- Well, hope everyone is happy because there goes your Big 10(11) MNC. But in all seriousness, Iowa played well, especially on defense.

Boise- Here is where it gets interesting. Boise is set up to go undefeated. If the crazy shit continues, could we have the first Non-BCS team in the MNC? I don't know, but it's something to think about.

Also, let's hope Stafon Johnson has a full recovery. We're rooting for him at GRH.


  1. much appreciated.

    everything besides our defense was terrible.

  2. On a more serious note, I'm surprised they didn't take Tebow to the hospital immediately. Shouldn't F around with a mush head.

  3. - It was just a concussion. Nobody shot the president, the sun still rose the next day, chill the fuck out America.
    - Auburn will wind up as the second best team in the best division in football this year, the SEC West. I hate that.
    - Personally, I'm not ready for the Big Ten to have 4 legitimate teams, but I think Michigan and Iowa will take care of this on their own (lack of) merits.
    - There's some kind of voodoo hex on SoCal. Not what you'd expect from a reputedly brahsome, karmically balanced program.
    - There are always 3 or 4 teams in the Nat'l High School top 50 from Cincy; all the Bearcats needed was momentum. BUT, [Good for the Big East] = [Bad for the demise of the BCS system].
    - Virginia Tech is the only team with a pulse in the ACC which does not also possess all the up/down/unpredictable hallmarks of a coke fiend (AHEM, F$U/Miami).
    - I like Notre Dame's theory of only scheduling teams that were relevant in the 70's. How does a nailbiter against Purdue win you any brownie points? It's like the last 30 years never happened.