Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NFL Live Crew Barely Contains Laughter As Merril Hoge Refers To NFL As 'Our League' Yet Again

BRISTOL, Conn. -- Following ESPN's Monday Night Football match between theIndianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins, the game day crew of NFL Live could barely stiffle their incredulous laughter as the oft-belittled Merril Hoge refers to the National Football League as "our league" as he often does in a vain attempt to claim let everyone know that contrary to popular belief, he did in fact play in the NFL.

"Let me tell you something about our league," said Hoge after a particularly brutal tackle. "It's tough out there."

"...Like you'd know know, taint-mole," snickered from Bronco's LB and Hall of Famer Tom Jackson under his breath, as fellow Bronco Hall of Famer Mark Schlereth slipped him a low five from behind.

"Yeah," added Schlereth. "Nice pin stripes, too, taint-mole."

When Hoge confronted the rest of the crew about the understated slight, most struggled to maintain a straight face, until new ESPN analyst and Super Bowl Champion Trent Dilfer bellowed "SOWWY MEWWIL!," sending everyone to the floor in tearful laughter as Hoge ran faintly off stage.

Hoge was unavailable for comment, but his friend and confidant John Clayton said that he's "taking it pretty rough, but should be fine in a few years."


  1. "taint-mole" should always be followed by a low five

  2. Hoge is a douche but he does a decent job explaining the run game. He is also a Mormon.

  3. Right, because the run game needs so much explanation. How would I ever decipher and asses Adrian Peterson's ability and worth with out the Stormin' Mormon Merril Hoge's sage orations?

    Answer: I couldn't. Thank you, God/Joseph Smith.

  4. I decipher asses.

    /fix yo shittalkin

  5. When I ASSESS players I would like to know a little more than "he ran right".

    Watch a single wing or wing-t team. Try to explain that crazy voodoo shit.

  6. When you churn out as much literary gold as I do, you're bound to make a tpyo or two.


  7. What does being a Mormon have to do with anything