Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Morning S--t Storm

Ok So I'm talking to a Bengals fan about this "Who Dey" cheer, and I also asked him if he was pissed that the Saints use "Who Dat." THEN Steelers fan buts in and is like "No New Orleans came up with it first."

ME: "I knew the expression has been around but I always thought a college team used it."

Bengals: "Yeah yeah thats it."

Steelers. "I'm telling you it started when they were an expansion."

Me: "Here's the thing. The answer to who dat who dat who dat think gon beat dem Saints, would have been nobody until like the late 90's. I'm just saying I think Who Dey is more recognizable.

This went on for a halftime show, but If anyone has any insight on this I'd truly appreciate it. I could care less about either team, I'm just curious.

Ok so in honor of the most enlightening/dumbest debates I've been in, the Shit Storm will be the best catch phrase/cheer used by fans.


  1. J.T. Money started "Who Dat."

    Everybody knows that.

  2. Well the debate turned intellectual when we found out it was an expression used during minstrel shows during the late 1800's. But yeah J.T Money came up during our searches.

  3. We're looking for a specific year. Or a definitive history on who dey/who dat.

  4. On with the other part of the Shit Storm, I'm going to go ahead and get my homerness out of the way.


    Half of the crowd yells "TEXAS." The other half yells "FIGHT." It also works if you're just walking around in Austin. You can just scream out, "TEXAS" whenever you want to, and a group of people will respond with, "FIGHT."

  5. Yeah but I mean everyone has a call respond cheer. O-H...I-O. We are...Penn State. Let's go...Hokies.

    I'll say the gator chomp is a pretty good cheer. Especially for the players because you can chomp in somebody's face and make it look like you're clapping. No flag.

  6. I think the call respond thing is pretty weak. I guess if the response is "FIGHT" it'd be better, but most of them just seem stupid. "Blah!" "Heyhesaidblahsowegottasay'BLOOOO!'"

    I like it when a stadium plays "Jump Around" by House of Pain for the same reason I hate the call response. As soon as it comes on, entire stadium just levitate and fall over and over again like idiots. Pagentry in motion, friends.

  7. Jump around is Wisconsin's? deal I think. They play it after the third quarter. Purdue does the same thing with "Shout."

    I'd also like to add that the tomahawk chop used to be pretty menacing for FSU, but now it's just an annoyance.

  8. Here's an extinct one.

    Back in the day when VT was inside the 30 the drum line would start laying down this funky beat and everyone would go "Ohhhhhh ohhhhhh Stick it in stick it in stick it in."

    Now you can imagine what this looks like with 60,000+ intoxicated fans, many of them between the ages of 18-25.

    Suffice it to say they no longer do the stick it in chant.

  9. "You'll Never Walk Alone" being sung at the end of every Liverpool home match is pretty sweet.

  10. I'm pretty sure anything fan related about soccer is better. Except anything on "The real football factories."

  11. They're playing "Disturbia" by Rihanna as Michelle TaFoya says stuff about football in the new Cowboys stadium.

  12. well if we're putting homerisms then I have to say Hotty Toddy. I'm sure most of you hate it and will proceed to rip on the game last week, but I'm prepared.

  13. Actually, Ole Miss looked better than I expected.