Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Caption Contest

USA guy:"Ahhhhhh I got Brian Leonard in the 11th Round...YOU FOOLS!!! CHAMPIONSHIP!!!"
(actual pick)


Bears fan: "AHAHAHA I kept Sean Alexander and Reggie Bush. Those two ALONE will get me to the playoffs" (Actual keepers)


Minnesota Wild fan: "Ahhhh yesth with the likesth of Maurice Jonesth Drew Larry Fisthgerald, and Romo Dragonsth will be totally unsthtopable thisth year."
(Actcual team name and roster for "Dragons")

Ok that sucked, you can do better. I do suggest you click on the image and zoom so you can see some of the team names and picks. I bet "Big Daddy" was regretting that draft two weeks into the season. But that's how it goes in fantasy....which reminds me.

There are still slots available for the GRH league.

Go to yahoo.

League ID=638653


The draft is tonight at 10 EST. If you have problems logging in, we can talk you through it on the comment section.

Ok have at these guys.


  1. guy in the Bears hat: "I sure wish I had a different group of friends!"

  2. "I WAS going to take Randy Moss, buuuut I don't think I want somebody like THAT associated with me."

  3. Game Show Host: "Okay and welcome back to another episode of 'Who Rides the Short Bus'! We're very excited for today's match up where the winner get an entire bucket of ice cream.

    Now you all now the rules, lets get this competition under way.

    Here is the picture, now tell us...out of these 3 people. Who rides the short bus? and for a bonus 5 thousand dollars...Who, is the product of incestual relations?

  4. "Vince Young in the first round! Woooooot!"

  5. "HAHAHA who the hell has an actual draft board"

    /remembers when we had a draft board
    //But never brought a clipboard like a certain someone

  6. We left our draft board up. It was a work of art.

  7. Come on now, this was from our 2007 Auction draft. The first two rounds are keeper selections. But yeah, Vince Young as a keeper?

    But really now, can someone at least come up with something that's funny? Though the Alexander and Bush getting him to the playoffs, that was pretty decent. The 'Bears Fan' guy is the proud owner of that team. 3 wins that year!

    I wish I would have looked at my web stats sooner. I would have joined your league for the year.

    Thanks for the laughs

    AKA: "Minnesota Wild Fan"

  8. Trick question, I think all 3 rode the short bus.

    The guy in the middle looks like he crapped his pants.

    USA Guy: It looks like an auction draft, not a card draft where you pick by rounds. However Brian Leonard??

    USA Guy -2 points for being an idiot.

    Brian Leonard? -5 points

    Dragons Team name? -10 IQ points (presuming this does not leave him in negative numbers) or "half the distance to the goal"

  9. Slinger, it is too bad you missed it, we would have loved to have you. Check out around march, we'll have a bracket pool.

    And truth be told that board is badass. We did something similar when we were in college.

    I also can't make fun of picks because at one point or another I've thought Rex Grossman, Moroney, and yes Brian Leonard were steals.

    I also dropped DeAngelo Williams after week 3 last year.

    If I had a picture of the time I took the entire Rams team and declared victory I'd send it to you so you guys could take a shot at us.

  10. The internet is fucking awesome.

  11. I always love the optimism after each draft from every owner. After the first week of games, that changes to 'oh shit, why did I draft that guy?'.

    I started using the board 3 years ago, mainly I could drink beer and not have to worry about being accurate with the teams, the board had everything clear as can be. Also, it eliminated the annoying 'How much did he go for?' question.

    As for the photo, I drafted Favre that year as my back up QB....hahaha, I believe I dropped Kitna mid season and Favre was a stud that year. That was also the year Ronnie Brown was the top rusher in the league until he blew out his ACL and thus ending his and my season. I had very little depth.

    Here's another nugget from that draft, in addition to Sean Alexander and Reggie Bush on the same squad, Larry Johnson went for $2 dollars more than LT. 'USA Guy' was the proud owner of Larry Johnson.

    I have your site bookmarked, I'll try to stop back in March. It's a March Madness pool right? I also run one of those sites My other favorite time of the year.

  12. Haha, I agree with the post draft optimism. I took Chad Ochocinco in one of our leagues simply because he said he "was back." In short I believed a guy named Ochocinco.

    I think we are too fan oriented for auction drafts. Suffice it to say I'd pay good money to have Stephen Jackson and Mike Vick on my team.

    Definitely check back in March, we had a decent pool last year, and we may even do a bowl pick em' type thing. You also need to recruit Bears fan and USA guy to join so they can rub it in our faces.

    By the way that is a great site for an office pool.