Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monday Morning S--t Storm


College is rocking and rolling. NFL is underway. GRH fantasy league is already ruining lives. DD is making money. Yes Hobbers, there is a Santa Clause.

So I was going to make a post last week entitled "On why the ACC sucks ass" I never got around to finishing it, but here is a pertinent excerpt.
JMU-Maryland is an interesting game. Why? Well JMU is a great...great IAA(Fine, FCS) program and Maryland is well Maryland. Let's say JMU does pull it off that would mean 3 losses in the first two weeks to IAA programs for the ACC. Which leads me to my title...

Why does the ACC suck so much ass?

Think back to 04. The ACC welcomed in established football powers Miami and Virginia Tech, and added BC in 05 for the Boston market and to top off the mega conference. The idea was simple enough. Take a traditional basketball conference, that performed well in other sports (LAX, field hockey, soccer, CC, etc) add the football powers to get a little top heavy and rule the world. Perfect plan right? Well it didn't work out that way, and this leads us to our first problem.

I should have pulled the trigger on it because the Terps barely beat the Dukes from James Madison. I think it's obvious at this point that the ACC blows. But why?

I think it's a lot of things obviously the decline of FSU/Miami is one thing. Recruiting is another. Money is always at play. And I think the big thing is that while the ACC is a competitive league, there is really no arms race like you see in the SEC/Big 12/ and Big 10 (11). Especially when it comes to coaches.

So consider this an open thread for completely ripping on the ACC.

Go Hokies by the way. WE SCORED 52 POINTS!!!! Look what happens when you stick with the run!!!

....against Marshall.


  1. I also want to make it perfectly clear. I hate UVA and everything they stand for.

    I'm aware hate is a powerful word, and I will continue to use it with respect to the "Hoos."

  2. I refuse to participate in what equates to pushing a retarded, wheelchair-bound child down a rickety flight of stairs.

    I won't do it, no matter how bad the ACC sucks.

  3. But Zack you talk about Arkansas football all the time?

  4. Fun fact: OU has lost every season opener to an MWAC team.