Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Morning S--t Storm

What a glorious weekend, but now we're back at work, which sucks.

Sports are great, because we can all debate topics without any concern for logic and reason.

Think about it, literally everyone can be an expert as long as they watch an average amount of games. (And listen to the real experts on ESPN)

Don't get me wrong, I love sport debates. Shoot, they are down right fun sometimes, especially since you can basically throw anything out there and see if it sticks.

So for the shit storm give me the best sports debate/argument/reasoning.

And by best mean dumbest/pointless/ESPN like.

In essence, the shit storm is about....well the best shit storm.

I'll give you my personal favorite, which I use all the time: Stats.

I'll use stats if they favor me, but when they don't I just bring out the system/era/teammates card. It's great.

And just to be clear, you can throw down some specific storms like "BEST TEAM EVAR!!!" or reasoning such as "If so and so played on the so and so's he'd be in the hall."

Also, if you're having trouble with this just watch some ESPN, or go to some fan site such as Rivals and just see what they are talking about.

You can also find some good material with the draft coming up.

Worst case, just say something like Tebow vs. Vince Young

Ok shit storm begin.


  1. 2005 USC as the best college team of all time.

    Thank God we actually play the games to figure it out, instead of letting pundits decide.


  2. I was going to put that up, but I saved it for you.

  3. "Pro athletes are thugs" is my least favorite position of all time.

    First of all, pro athlete's arrest rates are lower than the general population.

    Second of all, I know what you're really trying to say.

  4. "Dirk Nowitzki is a great player."

    It's just...

  5. "Second of all, I know what you're really trying to say."

    I also hate this, good way of putting it.

    Same thing as T.O doesn't try, or AI is a slacker.

  6. "Now, we know there isn't a playoff in place in college football right now, BUT WHAT IF THERE WAS?!?! THAT'S RIGHT! We've taken these computers and put in teams, their stats, and player attributes (without player names because that's illegal) and found out who the real national champion is. NOTICE: We will be stretching this playoff segment out over the entire calendar year."

    Kind of like what Icehouse mentioned, but I thought it deserved its own post.

  7. "I got a real good feeling about this year."

    -For every team near the bottom of the barrel of barrels.

  8. "He's got active hands."

    Inane coachspeak gets to me.

  9. Every single thing that has ever come out of Bill Plashke's stupid fucking mouth. I hope he drowns. I Don't care where or how, I just hope he drowns.

  10. I have to agree with the Dirk comment from earlier...I believe we have all had that debate with a special someone I know, his name ryhmes with smelliott smaliaferro

  11. the whole idolatry of those who would otherwise not contribute to society.

    like if icehouse didn't get the praise he felt he thinks he deserves, he'd probably sit around all day doing this:

  12. From now on whatever Icehouse says, I'm going to live by it.

    Bill Plaschke should be executed in front of his family.

  13. Everyone wins.

    Outstanding storm.

    My only addition is to add Marrioti to the Plaschke death sentence.

  14. And if we really think about it, vitustinnitus makes the greatest point of all.

  15. Just saw the video. vitustinnitus wins forever.

  16. Yeah, that video has just gone viral on several peoples facebook walls. Thanks Vitus