Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Afternoon Funbag!

I guess you didn't hear, but Icehouse was arrested late last night for being too awesome and revered. And likely shirtless.

So Lattimer and I have teamed up to give you the weekly and much ballyhooed Friday Afternoon Funbag.

We hope to live up to it's honored tradition. Reigning AL MVP Dustin "Luckily I Play a Sport That Requires Hats to Cover My Balding Head" Pedroia is clearly pumped about it.

Frankly, I'm tired of being nice now. Let's do this mother and get out, because it's Friday and I've got the itch.

We here at the Ghost don't much care for ESPN. We do, however, care a great deal about Norm "October?" Macdonald. Here is his legendary 1998 ESPY awards monologue. It's worth skipping work to watch.

And just to make sure we cover all of our pertinent Billy Madison bases, this lady called the shit 'poop.'

Like guns? Don't like pesky and "reasonable" legislation that keeps you from purchasing a gun? Like crazy honkies who have definitely killed someone as a direct result of their negligence? Then this guy is for you.

The imitable Ron Burgundy sharpens his journalistic prowess on UNC Coach Roy "Not the NFL Guys" Williams.

Thumbs up to my good buddy Lance Turner. LT and I have been on TV together and we've each done our share of radio bits in the Natural State. We usually sound something like this.

Old People Playing Sports is as Humorous as it is Uplifting.

Yeah. So. That's it. Get out there and be somebody.



  1. This is how my day went:

    Why would I want a gold plated desert eagle?......

    Wait, why WOULDN'T I want a gold plated desert eagle?

    /Tries to acquire a gold plated desert eagle.

  2. did ICEHOUSE really get thrown in the slammer?

  3. wait. seriously. pete got locked up? i just got a text from him from port a.