Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Fucking right. This has been a big week. Baseball season returned, much to the delight of Ryan Howard's liver. We cut down the internets, and the Masters returned to show the surrounding neighborhoods of Augusta, Georgia what a Klan rally's demographics are.


So Zack is currently imprisoned in what I like to call, "Rewrite hell," and Lattimer has taken to the woods for his annual steel cage deathmatch between him and his two most hated rivals: a snake and a bobcat.

So here I am, and here we go.

First, the annual automakers convention has produced some serious wienermobiles. Oh well. As long as people can still do this, it'll be alright. No, they won't let me embed this, sorry.

Aries Spears is funny and good at doing impressions. That's all you really need to know.

So I haven't watched wrasslin' in a while, but I really wished that I had known Wrestlemania was going on when I was in Houston last weekend. But then, I found out that WWE is now nothing but wanksters battling each other. Wack.

Naturally, the No Fun League punishes people for fun, but some enterprising fellow took it upon themselves to record Sportscenter's top ten touchdown celebrations. Remember the good old days? When you could have fun playing football?

If you don't know about Team Flight Brothers, then that means you haven't seen the best sports YouTube video of 2007. Well, it's true.

Yes. Sweet. Easter means candy.

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