Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday Morning S--t Storm

Another great weekend.

The weather finally broke, I went fishing (killed it) NBA playoffs, NHL, baseball.

Just awesome.


I was informed that I have shit to do. Which sucks.

This bullshit has been happening since I was a kid. I mean weekends are meant for sports, and movies. Not work.

For the shit storm select your LEAST favorite activity to do WHILE sports are on. Meaning, you can't watch sports because you have some weak ass chore to do. So if you give us something like homework, I'll tell you to screw yourself because you most certainly can do your homework while watching sports. How do you think I got my awesome grammar skills?

My selection. Yard Work.

Gahhhhhh sometimes I truly wish we all lived like George Jetson. There isn't one yard/property chore I actually enjoy.

actually that's a lie, there is one thing I love.

But seriously, I hate yard or property work.

Ok let's hear it you lazy bums.

Shit Storm begin.


  1. Does bathing count as a chore?

  2. I was going to do the dishes, but I was out of dishwashing detergent. So I said fuck it, and Andre Iguodala rewarded me.

  3. Trash night:

    It's not the act of wheeling the cans of reeking refuse around to the street that gets me. It's the time and setting.

    The latter happens to place me at the bottom of a slight incline which collects drainage turning the western side of our house into a garbage-laden quagmire.

    The time at which the garbage man comes is also bothersome. He comes at like 6:15 in the evenings. Now, I get off work around 6:00 and have a 30 minute commute back to God's country. Unable to set the garbage out in the morning due to packs of roaming stray animals (dogs, cats, raccoons, badgers, etc.), this makes for a frantic race down I-30 and then a hasty excursion into the aforementioned muddy side of my house in my nice work clothes, leaving me in a sweating, stinking state.

    Often times, the trash man has already come and gone prior to my arrival, piling up yet another week of garbage and making next week's attempt even more arduous and infuriating.

    God, I hate trash day.

  4. You're like John Candy in "The Great Outdoors"

    I just take shit to the dumpster whenever I feel like it.

  5. uhhh, i don't have any "chores" because i don't still live with my parents.

  6. Bathing is certainly a chore.

    In a close second is errands.

    Run to the bank, run to school, get nourishment, get beer, etc.

    So yes Vitus, you do have chores, and you always will.

  7. Q: What's Brown and Rhymes with Snoop?

    A: Dr. Dre

  8. I think Brian means that coming up with fabulous zingers is a chore.

  9. that was my protest against small computers. I took my time to type out a whole chores Gripe and my computer froze. rather then type the whole thing again figured i would drop some humor on the shit storm.

    long story short...I hate cleaning up after bad roommates when im trying to watch my games

  10. hell yeah! you can't bring no girls home to a trash can TJ...that's like skiing without your gloves