Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monday Morning Sh*t Storm

Fuck, shit, cock, balls, taint, gooch, and finally the field dress.

You know how I know you're gay?

So hey, did you guys watch the Grammy's last night?

haha, I didn't even watch that shit, sorry Vitus Tinnitus, this was a total cock tease, this shit storm has nothing to do with music.
(Unless you connect A-Rod to Madonna)

Ok now time to get serious.

Last week was very positive if you get my drift. We had Phelps, Glenn, A-Rod. etc. so I think it's time to visit that age old question.

I was just thinking of leaving it at that, but I have to set some ground rules.

1. All the kids in America are not going to start smoking weed and get on that pandemic just because they saw a picture of Phelpsie sucking on a bong.

2. Steroids are a bigger issue than you probably think.

3. Let's not make this a drug legality issue.

So, The Shit Storm: Do athletes (especially in today's TMZ style media) have a responsibility to be strong role models, or is it ok to just say fuck it.

I know what I think, but this is a shit storm, so I need to hear from the Hobbers.


  1. I don't think it is the player's responsibility as much as it is the league offices' responsibility. If you walked into a class where the teacher said cheating is frowned upon but getting caught will only ruin your reputation, not your paycheck. You'd cheat. Especially if that paycheck is worth millions. In fact, until the time you get caught, or after, your paycheck could double because you cheated. Every pro athlete should be tested. Every month. There is no reason not to if that respective league is more focused on it's integrity and fans than it is the revenue. Which is exactly why that will never happen.

  2. Oh and I forgot, the penalty should for getting caught should be far more severe. Tar was the main point not sure why I left that out.

  3. that's ok. the grammy's have nothing to do with music either.

    oh. and people who use athletes for role models should be dragged into the street, have their mouth put on a curb, and forced to have leon lett sit on their head.

    i'll stick to my current role model, thank you very much:

  4. Who would want to smoke weed after seeing what it did to Terry Glenn?

    We should just make all kids that smoke weed look at Terry Glenn naked. God damn that's gross.