Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super bowl Sunday Shit Storm

Another absolutely awesome alliteration.

So even if you hate football I know all of the Hobbers out there will love one thing about the Superbowl.


For the Shit Storm: guess Springsteen's exact set(not in order, that's cray cray). I hear it's going to be 12 minutes, that could be 3-4 songs.

I'm expecting a strong showing from our Vitus Tinnitus crowd, and the winner will get...our respect.

My Picks: I'm fairly certain about the first two.

Obviously We're going to have "born to run"
Thanks Springsteen for not letting us embed.

Ok my next lock is "The Rising".

Now this is where it gets hard.
Ok I'm going to go with "glory days." simple, short, non-political.

And the final one...Icehouse and I talked about this, and you know what I think it's going to be Born in the U.S.A.

Yeah it's not exactly PC but 90% of people just hear "I was born in the U.S.A" anyway.

Sorry for the links, The Boss may be cool, but evidently he doesn't want his shit embedded.

I can respect that.

Ok hobbers let's hear your picks.


  1. I could also see Rosalita being a factor.

  2. Thunder Road, Born To Run, (A new song from his new album), maybe Born in the U.S.A. but expect a lyrics change to make it more politically relevant, The Boss as good as he is, is pretty brash when it comes to politics I think he will definitely make some kind of remark in that regard.

  3. See that's why I was debating Born in the U.S.A, but I still think the rising is a lock. He'll give a shout out to Obama.

  4. my money is Lil Wayne comes out as a surprise guest to wrap over some sweet sweet Springsteen.

  5. i'm gonna say 3/4 from his newly released greatest hits album just released through wal-mart only (way to side with the little guy there bruce!!! those small indie stores aren't hurting at all) and the remaining 1/4 from his new turd-bomb of an album.

    none of them will be from nebraska, so whatever.

  6. just one song off, but i made some generalizations based upon marketing tactics, so i guess it's not that impressive, eh?

    also lol @ "vitus tinnitus crowd." i think 3 people read that thing. i should just turn it into a quarterly leaflet.